The Young Protectors: Legendary Chapter Three—Page 76




Before the curtains close, I want to to send out a very special thank you and welcome to our new Patrons this week!

AKE, Gail, Steve91, Elizabeth B., and Mic L.

Thank you so much for your amazing support of this comic! You all rock!

And so it ends—this is the last page of the second arc of The Young Protectors.

I hope you enjoyed this chance to get intimate with Kyle and Spooky as much as I have! It’s been a wild ride.

But now it’s time to leave the bedroom and return to the larger world. To rejoin old friends. Face old enemies. And right old wrongs.

It’s time for The Young Protectors to be the heroes they were always meant to be.

Tune in this Wednesday when we pick up with Spooky Jones and another Young Protector learning the hard way that the deadliest threats aren’t demons, but humans…

…in Chapter One of the next arc of The Young Protectors: “Double-Cross”!

Hope to see you there!

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