The Young Protectors: Double Cross Chapter One—Page 18

Well, that can’t be good.

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I’ve been hard at work over the last year coming up with a fun Community site for all the amazing and thoughtful discussions y’all have. Currently, our awesome Patrons are testing it out. (So you might see some of their comments show up above the Disqus comments on our pages webcomic site) The bugs are being ironed out now, but once it’s ready, I’ll make a general announcement on the webcomic site and everyone will be able to use it. It’s got a bunch of really cool features, like the ability to hide spoilers, revision history for comments, polls that commenters can create for each other, and lots more—stay tuned!

So! Into the woods they go… and so begins almost every scary fairytale ever! What kind of trouble lies ahead for our heroes? And will Cory find it boring, or do you think it will hold his interest?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there!

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