The Young Protectors: Double Cross Chapter One—Page 46

Don’t make Spooky angry. You wouldn’t like Spooky when he’s angry.

It’s my great pleasure to send out another, very special Woolfpack anniversary “thank you!” to the superheroes of this comic who have been supporting our work month after month!

First let me thank pack members who have been supporting our work for the last 12 months as of this week (July 14-20): 

Kate M. and Kim M.

(You totally rock, Kate and Kim!)

I’d like to send out a big thank you to members of the Woolfpack who have been supporting our work for 24 months of this week (July 14-20):

Rutzky, Ashley D., and Pum W.

(Two years of support! Thank you so much, Rutzky, Ashley, and Pum!)

And let me also send out my biggest howl to a member of the Woolfpack who has been supporting this comic and our work from the very beginning!

This is the awesome reader who has been supporting me and this comic for 48 months (4 years!) as of this week (July 14-20):

Sam B.

Thank you so much, Sam! You are so awesome!

Thank you all so much for your amazing, ongoing support! It’s the consistent support that is what really allows me to continue making this comic. You all truly are superheroes!

So! Looks like the tables have turned. In a big way. But wait, Spooky thought The Platinum Priestess could be redeemed? And wait wait wait—he been holding back? What does this all mean? And what’s going to happen next?

Tune in this Saturday to find out. Hope to see you there! :D

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