The Young Protectors - Ch 4, Page 2

Look at Kyle there. That is passion in his eyes, my friends. I think he totally wants to kiss Duncan right now!

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Speaking of kissing, this month’s Patreon backers are getting a very special treat — one of my most favorite pin-up images we’ve ever created — a very special pairing of Spooky and Kyle!

You can keep your hat on…

$5+ Patrons for January will get to see the full (and fully nude) version of this once their pledges clear in the first week of February. $10+ Patrons will get sent a high-res version of that with over double the resolution!

So! Duncan has just revealed his true intentions to Kyle. The Platinum Priestess is still there right by his side with helpful words of advice. And love is in the air! (If Kyle doesn’t kiss Duncan, then the Duncanator is totally going to kiss Spooky. I mean, look at how cute the Spookster is in Panel 2!) I usually reserve this space for a bunch of different question the page raises in my mind. But this time, there really is only one: who is going to kiss who?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! :D

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