The Young Protectors - CH 4, Page 18
Hit a nerve, did we?

Last week, I let March’s Patreon backers know that they were getting something a little different — a sexy, nude romantic pin-up of Commander, the Young Protectors’ team leader!

Hey, what are you looking at?

Of course, the full image shows a whole lot more… ;)

$5+ Patrons for March will get to see the full version of this pin-up once their pledges clear after the first week of April. $10+ Patrons will get sent a high-res version of the image with over double the resolution!

So! Kyle is apparently trying to defeat The Annihilator by poking at deep-seated childhood issues, and our Silver Supervillain has had enough! Or has he? Kyle has made some pretty good points. Will The Annihilator reconsider his alliance with The Platinum Priestess? Or is this his final word on the matter? (As if! We know our Monologuing Master would never just use one word for anything, am I right?)

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! :D

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