The Young Protectors - CH 4, Page 52
Good question!

I’ll talk more about this next week, but I’m going to be with the Prism Booth at SDCC, so if you’re going to San Diego Comic Con, please be sure to stop by and say hello. :)

So! Spooky gets a big hug from Kyle! (And Spooky-Kyle shippers get a little wind for their sails…) But now it’s time to find out what happened to The Annihilator — and Fluke! Is Duncan still a threat? Is Fluke still alive? Are Kyle and Spooky going to make out right now?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! :D

(Oh, and I want to thank each of you personally for taking time away from Pokemon Go to read this page of The Young Protectors. May you catch them all.)

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