The Young Protectors - Ch 5, Page 23
All this talk of “gifts,” it feels like Christmas again around here!

(With, y’know, the Christmas tree and all the presents blazing with demonic Hellfire, but still…!)

Oh, and in case you missed it with the last update, The Young Protectors Volume One is now finally available on Comixology, making it super easy to read offline on your mobile devices! You can check it out here:

So! Looks like Kyle is going full dark-side! And it seems there there are indeed cookies! (That’s what the gifts are, right? I hope so! Gosh, I love cookies…)

Anyway! What will Kyle do with this power his father is giving him? What will his father do with Kyle? And what will our team possibly do to stop the two of them?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! :D

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