Your anger is a flower

„Your anger is a flower“ (Acrylic and oil on canvas, 110 X 140 cm)
 Let me write you some words on this mediation tool and healing mirror. I  am a very angry person. There is a lot I have the strong feeling my  anger is justified. But I life in strange times, and anger is forbidden.  All the time I hear what is wrong with me and my anger. I even hear I  would have some kind of „unsolved childhood drama“. No, folks, I am just  angry to be alive. Just like I have no reason to be happy  or lusty. I don’t care about what anyone thinks, or what rules anyone  want to apply on me. So it was time to make my personal manifestation on  anger.
Sure this painting may be seen in many ways. My very first  intention was, that anger isn’t any less beautiful then a flower. And  the woman is me. Because the anger isn’t male at all. The anger is the  female wrath of victim believes. Of being kept small and limited. Being  laughed at, and being raped. This raped woman is me, her anger is me,  and in turning me in a female form the anger becomes a human thing. Its  time to stop talking about “Oh, I am so in love with everything and  everyone”. Its simply not true. Lets talk about our anger and allow to  say: “NO!” when someone or something wants to limit our birthright of  freedom. 

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