Your books should arrive soon!
Hello everyone,  I just wanted to update you quickly.  

1. Your books were sent out, and should arrive by next week at the lastest. Let me know if you would like your tracking number.  

2.  Please remember to get your free ebook also.  It's free today and tomorrow only (Amazon wouldn't let me make it permanently free, so please grab and share it while you can)! p.s. If anyone knows a way to do this, please let me know.  I'd truly like to give it to anyone who wants it.

3. I noticed that some of you have left 5 star reviews on Amazon  and Goodreads.  That was an amazing surprise.  Because of you and everyone who shared and downloaded it, this morning, the Riddled With Spots ebook was listed #14 in Amazon's Metaphysical Literature section and #34 in Poetry! You are the best humans....

4.  For those of you who did not choose to pledge anonymously, I've included your names in my official thanks on my website.  You can view it at the link attached to this post.  If you would like your name removed, altered, or linked to your own website, please let me know!  

Yours truly,