Your feedback please! :)
Hi all,

Now that it's a month into the new year, and I just updated my profile to display the new Patreon design profile page, I thought I'd take a moment to send a short note to all my patrons.

First, THANK YOU for all of your support. Second, I would like to keep my Patreon interesting and so I wonder what I might do... what do you guys feel are the strengths and weaknesses of my page? I wonder if perhaps the amount of time it takes me to produce new work makes my page feel stagnant. Though that's a fear of mine, do you guys feel that way? With the new year I just want to make sure my focus is on point.   I would of course appreciate any feedback. Additionally, please feel free to comment on any of the things I post, I always welcome constructive criticism/critiques!

Lastly, and I asked this on my Deviantart page as well, but what are your daily art habits?How much time do you spend working on art each day? Do you work on

sketches one day, brain storm on another? How productive do you think

you are?  I wonder if there is something I could do to make things more engaging for those that look forward to artwork from me.

Thanks in advance, take care, and good luck on all of your projects this year! :D

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