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Master class is coming to OD

First I want to thank all my patreon's for supporting my work and let you know how grateful I am by having your support.

I felt it only fair I should give you fantastic people the very first "heads-up" on something I have been working on for many months. It will be the very first master-class based on alternative Psychology.

Let me explain...

In this week's episode I only make a brief mention of an upcoming master class later this year, nothing more, no content clues. But for you wonderful supporters, the core of the Observation Deck I am giving you guys first shout and telling you a little about what the class will include.

It is Called: The Symbolic Reprogramming System (SRS)

For those of you who don't know I am a psychologist, I taught Hypnosis at Kings Collage London and a master practitioner in NLP. I have worked most of my adult life with clients, blue-chip organisations and created leadership and life coaching seminars and training for Virgin, O2, MOD and many others so believe me when I say I really do know what I am talking about.

The master class is alternative psychology since you will never read the contents in a book, you will never get the opportunity to study the content in any other class. 

What will it give you?

You will be able to "read-people" like a book!  And no guessing required since it is all based on solid fundamental facts of how the mind works. In addition you will also be able to get them to heal themselves, with actual evidence of change based on what they produced within the session! I am aiming at those who are either interested in psychology or those who think it will help them in their own occupations, so it's up to you if you wish to join and use the tools I will be sharing.

The master class will be held via internet video conferencing at a date yet to be determined. I will be the host and you get to see what I actually look like you poor souls:-)

Please be aware of the following:

In any given master class there will only be TEN places available. This is because I want to pay direct attention to a small group and have them completely involved in the contents and the Q&A afterwards.

Each participant will have the full manual emailed PRIOR to the webinar and we will work through the details together. I will also be using visual aids to make sure you all "Get-it." 

Now you could use this as a new job/career or add it to your existing arsenal of psychological tools or make "psychic-readers" look like amateurs against your new found knowledge, it's up to you.

The techniques are powerful and should not be abused, which I cover in the master class and the 60 page manual. 

Training like this costs $1,000's normally since you could turn this into a standalone business, but my supporters are not going to be charged such amounts since It is my turn to give back the love and support you have shown me.

There will be only TEN places (if I was in it for just the money I would not make these classes so small.) All proceeds will go to building the channel and filling the new with alternative learning content.

Each seat is $150 and if you have clients or wish to help other or yourself heal the payback is worth far more than the cost of a seat at the table.

I will also be building a forum network for all SRS students so they can interact, share experiences and give advice.

None of what I have shared here with you will be made public until the class is ready to go so you really do have a secret "heads-up" as a thank you for your support.

If you are interested, no money is required at this stage just drop me a message [email protected] with the subject heading SRS. That's it...and let me know if you wish to be one of the ten later this season.

Please do not mention this on YT channel or community until I make the offical announcment. 

Thank you all again for your support and look forward to hearing from you.

Question everything, Believe nothing, and stay curious...

See you on the other side.


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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
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