Your Guide to Aww, Feathers! Patreon Rewards
This is a detailed explanation of the new and improved Aww, Feathers! Patreon rewards for Awwthusiasts everywhere and how to take advantage of them! Please note that rewards are subject to change based on availability, etc. Any changes will be announced at least a month in advance to allow you to plan accordingly. This post will also be kept up to date to reflect any changes.

The following rewards will be available here on Patreon, and many on the Aww, Feathers Discord Server as well. Make sure you connect your discord to your Patreon account to gain access to the exclusive channels.

Bonus Content - All patrons who pledge $1 or more will have their names added to the main site's Thank You page (if they wish) and will also unlock access to the following content:
 * Works in Progress - rough sketches of each comic page before it's released
 * Practice Sketches - pages from my digital or traditional sketchbook I use for warming up, experimenting, and practicing drawing different characters and poses
 * Polls - for collecting feedback, taking suggestions, or just for fun
 * Deals - periodic special offers on merchandise or art commissions made available to patrons before the general public

Sketchbook Club: Bronze Member - Those who pledge a little bit more each month will be initiated into the Aww, Feathers Sketchbook Club! In addition to the bonus content mentioned above, club members will gain access to an exclusive collection of Aww, Feathers! themed artwork. Approximately one new drawing will be added each week. These are polished drawings done in ink, and may include things like experiments with different art styles, new characters, or even hand-drawn mini comics!

Sketchbook Club: Silver Member - In addition to getting to see exclusive sketchbook entries, Silver members of the Aww, Feathers Sketchbook Club will be placed in a rotation to receive one of the original sketches  (International shipping is included)! Silver members will be placed in a rotating list, and every month the members at the top of that list will each be sent one sketch. The number of members who receive one will depend on how many sketches were created that month; usually around 4-5. If there's no preference, one unclaimed sketch will be randomly selected for each member. Members may request a specific sketch if they like by leaving a comment or sending me a message. Preference will be decided based on the order in the aforementioned rotating list. Note: If they wish, Silver members may instead choose to be sent an Aww, Feathers! postcard of their choice, or any sketch from the Aww, Feathers! store.

Sketchbook Club: Gold Member - Gold level members of the Aww, Feathers Sketchbook Club may make specific requests for the subject to be drawn! These may include anything related to Aww, Feathers! provided the subject is safe for all ages, and of comparable complexity to other sketchbook club entries. Gold members may even request a drawing of their own original character (provided they have the rights to said character). If the requested sketch is of their own character, that will be the sketch they receive in the mail for the month. Otherwise, they may choose to be sent a different sketch from the one they requested be drawn. Note that requests will be open to artistic interpretation and not subject to alteration after being drawn. If you would like a drawing that is precisely to your own specifications, consider ordering a formal commission.

Cameo Appearance - For their impressive level of support, patrons at this level will have their visage immortalized in a page of the comic! In addition to Gold Member Sketchbook Club benefits, they may choose a character of their own creation to appear in the background of a future page. They may have one cameo appearance per month they pledge at this level. Note that certain aspects of a character's appearance may need to be altered in order to fit in the Aww, Feathers! universe; any changes will be discussed prior to making the cameo. Also note that for continuity's sake, the same cameo might not appear twice in a short period of time. If this is the case, the patron may choose a different character to appear, or hold on to their cameo until further in the future.

VIP Pass - At least once a month, I'll host an art stream where all VIP Pass holders can come and hang out, chat, and watch the creation of an actual future page of the comic! Consider it an advanced screening for the Awwthusiast elite!

If you have any questions about Patreon rewards, feel free to message me or leave a comment. Thank you all so much for your support! You help make this story of stories possible!

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