Your June 2019 Journal Guide: Free Gift For You!

Greetings Beloved Inner Circle Family!  

I hope that you are doing well and feeling good in your spirit.  I have just completed the June 2019 Roadmap video and decided to develop a tool for those members who get the monthly wisdom video.  I typically cover quite a bit and thought it would be good to create a journal for them to create clarity in what the wisdom means specifically for them.  

I decided to share the journal with you all, too, because I see June and July ...actually, the rest of the year, as pivotal.  But the upcoming important transits are starting in June-July for sure.

In the guide I give you general questions and information for you to ponder and then you can write what it all means for you.  The first part of the reading always covers the wisdom from the oracles such as the Metu Neter and the second part of the reading covers Astro-Wisdom.  As such, the guide is set up to journal on these wisdom sharings.  

I hope that your June 2019 Journal Guide is helpful to you.  My hope is to share one each month so please let me know how they work for you.  

If you decide that you want the Monthly Roadmap Wisdom, it is only $5 more than what you are currently paying and it covers quite a bit of detail.

Because you are an Inner Circle member, you get this guide FIRST!  THANK YOU so much for being a patron!  Please look for a few videos that I hope will help you even more during this time.

Happy and Healing June!

Peace and Love


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