Your Library Story! Special offer for our patrons.
So, my friends... In previous post we mentioned an interesting event for you, our best-best-in-world patrons! Now it's time to talk about it in details.

We thought that ordinary list of all our supporters in the credits will not be enough and not so interesting of course! So we decided it would be much more cool to give you a chance to write your name (or nickname: D) by yourself in the 'Library Story'! Accordingly, this offer consists of three parts:

1. 'Thanks' in the credits

Yes, it's not very original, but this is true! All active patrons at the time of publication of ver. 1.0 (starting from $1), will be listed in final credits. If you don't want to see yourself there (or want to be listed under some other name) - don't hesitate to write about this in the PM! Important note - by default we'll make the list of all our patrons that are not indicate their disagreement with this.

2. Your name in the unique book "The best people of the city"

All of our active patrons who have supported our project for the time of at least $50* will be able to see their names in the book "The best people of the city"! Furthermore, this book will be related to at least one quest.

Important note: highly desirable that your name was matched to the spirit of the game! That is, for example: "^*PuSsY_MeGa_DEsTRoYER*^" is not the best option! :D We'll be very grateful if you offer in such cases some more traditional spelling of your name/nickname. For example: "P.M. Destroyer" - is already quite suitable.

If you want to see yourself in the book "The best people of the city" - write me or Latissa in the PM!

3. Your personal book in Mr.Tongas' shop!

Reward for very generous patrons who supported our project in the amount of $100 or more! (total sum for all the time) You have the opportunity to participate in creating of your own unique book for the shop of Mr.Tongas!
You can offer the name and description of the book, for which Latissa will draw unique book's spine. After approval (and possible changes), this book will be added into the Library Story.

Important note: the last word in approval of the text content of books is ours. Try to keep your proposed text was corresponding to the world and spirit of the game! For example, "All about cosmic amoebae: tentacles are among us!" By L. Skywalker - not the best option :D. "Tentacles. They just want to explore your inner world!" G.M. Fairy - fits much better.


The first part of this event will be relevant only during release LS ver.1.0. But paragraphs 2 and 3 we plan to implement since version 0.8, so that you can feel free to write us in the PM.

Once again many thanks for your great support, guys! These are just a few of things that we can do to thank you! ^_^

* Takes into account support of me, Latissa and the total sum for all the time (ie, if you encouraged Latissa for 10 months at $1 per month and supported me one month at $5, then your total amount of support for our project is $15)
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