Your Mission If You Choose To Accept It:

Start the new year feeling excited and focused by answering these questions - right here - in our Vibrant Visionaries Community!

We’ll all work together to hold a judgement free space for your biggest ideas and support each other’s goals for 2019!

This is an exercise my coaching clients use to close the books on the previous year and get clear on how they’d like to focus their energies and intentions for the year ahead!

I call it:

Reflect & Intend

Share your answers right here in the Patreon Group and let me know if you’d like me to read them on the podcast or keep them private - just for our group.

Feel free to do this with your friends and creative collaborators.

The more we let people in on our wishes and goals the more we can work together to make them happen!

Stay tuned for an episode of the podcast the first week of 2019 where we’ll discuss these questions and hear answers from fellow multi-creative and podcast host of Best Forevers - Doctor Alysa Lucas.

Find a quiet spot, take time to relax and then let’er rip! Here’s your questions:

Reflect on 2018:

1 - What did you learn in 2018?

2 - When were you brave in 2018?

3 - What are you ready to let go of or say goodbye to?

Intend for 2019:

1 - What do you want MORE of?

2 - What are you ready to embrace?

3 - If you could have any BIG dream or ✨Secret Wish✨ come true in 2019 what would that be?

Think BIG - don’t sensor yourself - even if it seems impossible!

🌞 I’m here for you.

We’re all rooting for each other!

Let’s make 2019 our most creatively bold, successful and fun year yet!

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Thanks for coming along for the ride and Happy New Year 🥳

- Heidi