Your Mother Should Know
An alternative take on a Beatles song
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You will receive a digital copy of every song I release that month (at least one a week). It will... probably get emailed to you? I don't know how this works. But I promise, there will be some way for you to listen to it on your iPod somehow.
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You get the digital copies, and you'll also get behind the scenes info about what went into making that song. What inspired it, what challenges there were, why I did it the way I did it, etc. It will provide a lot of info about my creative process which will allow you to appreciate the songs more, and perhaps help you with your own creative endeavors.

You can also choose one of the following:

You can suggest one band for me to cover each month. You can pick anything you want. I'll pick whichever of that artist's songs to cover that I want, and I'll do it in my own (possibly bad but possibly awesome) way.


You can pick a subject for me to write a song about once a month.
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You'll get the digital copies, the background info, and I'll send you any preliminary recordings I did for that song. This might be my first take of it, me humming the melody when I first came up with a song, or even an unlisted youtube clip of me playing it in a different way.

And you get to either:

Specify one exact song you'd like me to cover per month. You can pick whatever you want, and I will be legally bound to cover it. This could be potentially quite embarrassing for me, but rest assured, I will once again do it in a way that I think is cool. I'll also probably change any lyrics that I think seem inappropriate, etc. Basically, I'll do the song my way, but you get to pick it.


I'll write a song for you. Like, specifically about you, or your friend, or whatever. You know how Shakespeare wrote sonnets for people, it'll be kind of like that. But better, obvs. 
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The mash-up special - you get to pick any two songs you want from all of history, and I will combine them into one awesome heap of melody sludge. Same disclaimers and blah blah blahs from the other deals apply to this one too.

ALSO! I will do a 20 minute skype concert / Q&A with you. No Creepos please.
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