Your paperback copy of LFJ is in the mail…

…but only if you confirm your address with the publisher.

In the next few weeks, all patrons at the $25 level and up will be getting a paperback copy of my new book, Letters from Jesus. That’s right – you’re getting a real book for free, long before it goes on sale! Why? Because you’re awesome. 

And because I'm super-grateful for your support here on Patreon.

However, you won’t get your early-bird copy of Letters from Jesus unless you reply to an email sent to you a few days ago from KingsPress asking you to confirm your postal address. 

You need to reply to that KingsPress email before this Friday, 1 March 2019, otherwise, no book.

“Paul, I replied already.”

Great! Do nothing more. Your book is on its way. Grab a cup of coffee and watch that letterbox.

“What email? I didn’t get an email from KingsPress.” 

Please check your spam folder. If it’s not there, message me today. (Look for the little chat icon on the top right of the Patreon page.) We don’t want you to miss out on your free book.

“I'm not a $25 patron. Is it too late to sign up/upsize my contribution and get Letters from Jesus weeks before it goes on sale?” 

Anyone who is signed up at the $25 level before this Friday, will get a book. A few patrons have upsized already, and this is an excellent time to do it. 

I hope you enjoy Letters from Jesus!