Your passion humbles me...
Ladies and gentlemen, I need to issue a critical thank you to all of you. 

I know that in the past few months this page has gone largely unchanged, with past goals still up and a total that seems stagnant. That all changes. As you're reading this, I'm listening to the new Periphery album (after having Nakamura's theme on repeat for hours, perfect music for the King of Strong Style) and giving this page a much needed facelift. The goals will be getting a minor facelift, but mainly this is to set us in motion for the next stage of this campaign. 

But I stated that a thank you was in order. Well, the graphs above aren't just numbers. The top number represents the view count for Coverkillernation from all of the calendar year of 2015, while the bottom number is the view count for 2016 up to July 18th. As you can see, they are nearly identical. A difference of only roughly 256,000 exists. We're pulling more views than that in a month. 

This growth, this spike, this awesome showcase is partially because of your dedication as not only patrons, but as fans, friends, partners, brothers and sisters in arms. To say that I am humbled by this is an understatement. It was more like one of those moments where I peered out into the July moon, joyfully lighting my apartment balcony and basked in this humbling reminder of why we keep raising the banners of music and heavy metal high. Like walking into a new chapter and receiving a standing ovation, reputation clearly preceding. 

Thank you all. I am honored and touched. 

A quick nod to business before I go. In this update: 

  • -Adding smaller goals amid the larger ones for balance. 
  • -Promising to make a new video for the main page as the current one is outdated. Should be done before the weekend is over.
  • -Fortunately, the three 24 Hours packages have arrived safely...back to me. UGH. REPACKAGING and remailing. Apologies to the winners for the delay. I'm just glad they aren't lost any longer and were returned to me in perfect shape. How do you lose the mail? Heh, I don't ask. I had a package sent to me earlier in June lost, and that fan is pissed, as he should be. Anyway, Kev, James, Bernando, we're gettin these to ya, kiddos. Even if I gotta start a fund where I just drive them. 
  • -MERCH IS COMING! MERCH IS COMING!  MERCH IS COMING! We're talking its really close. 

Thanks again, all. I love you. 


"The Last King of Generation X"