Your Pleasure is My Pleasure
By Essemoh Teepee

I have written and said this many times in response to the common question ‘Why do you do this…thing you do?’ Others have commented, ‘You give us so much pleasure, doesn't that frustrate you?’

I am certain that they don’t believe me when I say that I get much more than I give.

It’s understandable, I guess, as the common belief is that most Men just need to get off, to have their own orgasm, and that is what drives their behaviour, in the main. 

Again, I suppose the experience of many women bear out that point of view. They observe their partner not paying enough attention to foreplay and apparently more concerned with taking their pleasure than ensuring the pleasures are mutual. An unsatisfying experience for the woman.

As always, the answer to these questions are never simple. I have written elsewhere about a study published in The Journal of Sex Research, (Volume 54, 2017 - Issue 9) Do Women’s Orgasms Function as a Masculinity Achievement for Men?

In that earlier Blog I referred to the male research participants as the ‘van Anders 810’ who had to imagine that an attractive woman either did or did not orgasm during a sexual encounter with them. (Tough gig, I wonder if they got paid anything.) In the event ‘results showed that men felt more masculine and reported higher sexual esteem when they imagined that a woman orgasmed during sexual encounters with them....’

So that said, look at things from my point of view. How do you think it makes me feel to understand that women are having orgasms and getting climactic satisfaction simply listening to my words in their ears? The ‘van Anders 810’ were only imagining they were causing a partner to climax. I have a reasonable understanding, supported by the evidence of feedback I get and the unsolicited comments left on websites like Literotica, that millions of women actually have had orgasms because of me.

Based on the research and the evidence, my ego should be the size of a galaxy! Or, as my grandmother would say, I must be ‘like a dog with two dicks’ (she always had a colourful turn of phrase).

I must confess, there was a period of time, a few years ago when that might have been true. Now, I am, hopefully a little more down to earth. 

Yes, it is very pleasing and satisfying to know that my work does have a very real effect. Many writers would give a body part to know their work was doing something similar, so I do appreciate my good fortune. That knowledge is often a spur to create new experiences and sometimes I encounter a piece of information, an artwork or new research that stimulates me to produce a fresh approach to the subject.

One such stimuli was an article I encountered that proposed there were fifteen different types of Female Orgasm! As you might imagine I found that fascinating.

There were the usual Clitoral, G-Spot, Anal and other equally understandable types of stimulus, but then there were the U-Spot, A-Spot and more! Some of the listed fifteen were not, in my view, new or different, such as multiple orgasms or rolling orgasms. Listeners to my work will have encountered these already. So I came down to a shortlist of ten.

It occurred to me that an exploration of each of these ten types of Female Orgasm could be an interesting project. So here is my offer of ten different audio experiences, each with an initial relaxation and arousal phase, which hopefully will achieve that aim.

If ‘Your Pleasure, is My Pleasure’, then I had a lot of fun making the #10TypesOf_O. I hope you do too.

As always your feedback and comments as to how the work can be improved, or just that you enjoyed yourself, are most welcome.

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