Your September Download
In the next 24 hours you'll get an email from Shea with new music. I'd love to read your comments below.

1 — Paris Street Mix #9
Back in July, you heard “2015_0614 Poly-43 Mix#04,” a drifty synth track which wound down into a harmonium-based section that reminded me of a Paris street scene. I mentioned back then that the track was too amorphous and I was thinking about how to transform it. What you hear on this mix (I changed the name because all those working draft titles with the numbers were getting too hard to tell apart) is an in-progress reworking of the first half of the song, now based around acoustic guitar. At 1:55, it returns to the earlier drifty version leading into the Paris street scene, which remains as it was. I have additional recording & editing to do on the guitar, to tighten it up and keep it going through the song. I’m also working on lyrical ideas about falling in love again even though you thought you were over the whole idea of falling in love. I’m thinking it goes on Side D.

2 — 0809 Guitar Mix #4
This is an acoustic backing track, kind of similar to “0726 Guitar Song Mix#03” which you heard in the August package. If I keep working on this song, it will get drums & electric guitar; think a Cure-like goth pop song. There’s a good chance this will sit unfinished for the rest of eternity. You get to hear it because you’re a patron!

3 — Space Rock Mix #2
I was looking through my old mix sessions and I went right to an early file of the first track on the album. To my surprise (though unconsciously, I must have known it was there) I found the acoustic guitars that now make up the basis of this track. I began on the guitars in March, before quickly rejecting it because it wasn’t what I had in mind for the opening track. Coming back half a year later, I liked this as a structure for a new piece in a different direction. I added a bell sound and a drum mix down from a different song (recorded with Brian Viglione in 2010 - it is sped up to match the tempo of the guitars), and I added two moog tracks. I imagine this with a Popul Vuh electric guitar groove and more cymbals. After about four minutes, it will break down and fade into a drifty section, and then a storytelling section with an eastern sounding lead instrument. It’s funny how I have no idea what any of that will sound like, I just know that I will soon sit down and create it. I am thinking of this as the final track on Side C.

Progress is being made!

There’s more happening behind the scenes, some of which I am not ready to share, and some of which will be shared before the end of September.

I am finding time to go into the studio, to work on new material and continue on already started songs, plus writing the lyrics. I need to find an afternoon to gather together all the pieces I’ve created - but rejected - to make sure there’s not something great in there that I've forgotten about: something which should go on the album. 

As I see it , there are about 4 more pieces that the album needs (two of which might be 1 + 3 above). Perhaps 20 more minutes of music….


Thanks for your support. Sam