Your vote for 2019 content

As you know I've been taking a much needed break in January, but February is literally here... like in a few more hours. CRAY. 

Combine that with the fact that the news has been outrageous lately (today alone: Facebook, Foxconn, and JPMorgan's CEO comments), my fingers and I are oh so ready to jump back into writing the newsletter.

Tomorrow Lora and I have a big 2019 strategy session, and I'm excited to put together a plan for all the content ideas I have. Even more, I can't wait for you to see!

And, naturally, I'd love your input. 

What topics are you most interested in reading about in Above the Bottom Line over the next few months?* Select as many as you want and feel free to add more suggestions in the comments.

See you in your inbox soon!



* Some of these ideas are your/patron recommendations!

2020 Presidential candidates // especially their stance on business policies and regulations

Artificial intelligence // how companies are (or aren't) addressing the risks

Veganism // especially in relation to the agriculture and meat industry

Sustainable fashion // trends we are seeing with large companies and ways for consumers to be more conscious

Corporate money in politics // including Super PACs and lobbying

Small business view // ways entrepreneurs can challenge business as usual and make small but significant changes as they grow

Zero-waste // what does it mean and what are ways companies and consumers are contributing to a zero waste society

Native American-owned businesses // sharing insights on business from the point of view of this community

OTHER // Add in the comments below!

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