Your Week 2 Patron Gifts!
Patron Celebration Month has been a lot of fun for me so far! Here's a sneak peek into what all the gifts will be this week, so if you specifically would like to request one, let me know! Otherwise, I'll continue to be gifting them at random like I have been so far (if I haven't gotten to you yet, don't worry)!

Any and all of you existing patrons can request all of them this week, except for Day 10, which I'll need to limit due to time (requesting a tune for me to cover on Instagram). It sort of depends on how many new patrons I get that day, since I want to make sure all new patrons who join specifically for that day can get it.  However, If a new patron joins by your referral, I'll automatically accomodate both of your tunes! (In case you were wondering, this won't replace the regularly scheduled Guess the Tunes on Instagram; it will be in addition to them.)

Also, EVERYONE can and should request their favorite holiday tune by 12/14. This is open and encouraged for anyone/everyone! I'm going to make a compilation video of all your requests for later in the month. 😄 

Anyway, have a great week! I'll probably be sharing a bit more stuff than usual this week/month, because there's just so much going on. 

Also... save the December 19th date for a Patreon Virtual Holiday Party...I'll do a separate post for that, but it'll be the same drill as usual, perhaps with more holiday cheer -- we'll pick a movie to watch at the same time, eat our snacks, sip our cocoa, and chat in a chatroom.



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