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You're All Wrong
One of the basic reversals of ReLOVEution is turning away from presumed distrust towards each other to presumed trust in each other. There are huge reasons for this reversal, one of them being that distrust forces us to rely on an ant's worth of information (our own) instead of a sun's worth (global production of information). 

No matter how you cut it, even with high rates of unreliable information, we'll still come out with more reliable information if we open up to each other than we will if we remain closed off to each other. And here's the big surprise when you actually start living this way: You find out that other people's information is far more reliable than you imagined. They don't even have to agree with your views to get the benefit of their perspectives.

This piece offers some good reasons for letting go our obsession with our pea's worth of knowledge and opening up to new information.