You're the boss!
 I have many ideas for what I could be doing, but my Patreons will be in control and help guide my art from now on:

Comic: Crabapple confronts his Father
Video: Why Rainbow Dash is the worst pony... by far.
Video: Reviews of episodes from the perspective of an older, married, father of four
Story: Celestia's origin story (the one I've been planning for 6 years)

And  that's the big stuff. The daily drawings will now be prioritized to the  second-tier Patreon ideas and questions (just like the Tumblr/DA  comments stuff I've been doing all this time). The third tier Patreons  will help me decide at least one Patreon reward art to do each month  (like a shared commission). The fourth tier folks will help me decide  which video projects I work (though that will be a multi-month project  most likely rather than monthly). Fifth tier Patreons will get a chance  for a commission/request of their choice every month. For now, I'm  committing to five a month, but I may be able to do more (it will depend  on response).

I reserve the right to give away a free  commission/request to other levels as well just for fun and as a thank  you (no promises though; I still have family and full-time work  obligations to fulfil) :)