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You're Not Going That Way (High-Resolution Cover!)

This took... A solid week.

And I'm happy with it. I really am. And exhausted.

Soon this will be on Amazon. An actual story. Wow.  It always feels amazing. (And I'll prob do what I did with Runtime, give it free with Book 2 pre-orders. Because it is That Important.)

:) And that GHOST!Regan would be the Spoiler Third Character I kept babbling about - who isn't rly very spoilery, since the entire story is just Ash, Annie, and... ghosts. Since the... other guy doesn't actually. Appear. But his... effects are felt? Ha. Yes they are.

ANYWAY. Attached is the high-resolution version with No Text, if you want to look at all the Details close-up.  There are Many.

Now I'm going to lie back down and not move. I'm... tired.