You're Now Supporting LittleZotz Teens!
Hey, Everyone!

Originally, I created my Patreon to get me through some tough times. (After my suicide attempt/hospitalization in 2014, it was hard for me to get back on my feet and get into the swing of working for clients again).

I'm happy to say that I'm feeling MUCH better these days, and my career is back on track. :) Thank you SO much for supporting me in my hour of need.

I now have a chance to use my Patreon account for something truly wonderful: Giving teen writers their start as freelancers!

Now, any money you donate to my Patreon account will be used to support LittleZotz Teens -- my website for teen writers.

It's been my dream for YEARS now to set up a publication where teens who love to write can get their start as freelancers. But, to TRULY be freelancers, those teens would need to get PAID for their writing. And while I'm doing much better than I was, I'm still not in a position to pay these young writers out of pocket...

That's where you come in!

The more money you donate, the more teens' careers I'll be able to launch. :)

I can't wait to read the great writing that's going to come out of this venture!

Thanks for sticking with me.