You're Offended?

“We have to stop this recent culture of people telling us they're offended and expecting to give a fuck” -Ricky Gervais

    Say what you will about the man, I don’t believe he’s wrong in that quote. The internet has given everyone a voice(even myself with this group, I see the irony) and everyone has come to believe that their opinion is the one that matters most. We are all heroes of own our story as it is. I’m writing this to say, our current culture is wrong.

    When someone looks at me and tells me that they’re offended, I respond with a “good for you, that matters to me why?” cause guess what, it doesn’t, at all. There comes many times when two perspectives clash, I am by no means obligated to care about anybodies feelings on the matter. 

    Not everything that needs to be said is nice, that’s why they’re called brutal truths and once in awhile, we all need to hear them. Now to say there is a moral line to this and we should use our own personal discretion when dealing with such matters. 

    We’ve become a culture that becomes offended at such trifle bullshit and it needs to stop. We’ve become a culture so predicated around our feelings and them not being hurt, while simultaneously searching for someone to argue with to get offended. It blows my mind. We need to strengthen ourselves mentally and be prepared to be on opposite sides of opinions of in a while, all while understanding getting offended and lashing out, won’t change shit.