"We make our own traps.
"We construct our own cage.
"We build our own roadblocks."
—Douglas Kennedy

I've used this title before. 

I originally purloined it from Benjamin Smythe's interview with Rick Archer of Buddha At The Gas Pump.

But you are. 


And yet, you rarely see it because you're lost in an ocean of unconscious thinking that you're not good enough.

If you examine those thoughts (one by one), you'll quickly realise that you're getting in the way of your best self being exposed to the world. Not the jerk who runs around trying to impress people, but the real you who doesn't need any exposure or validation to be the most perfect version of you.

Beyond the 'self' examination, the only other way to decode true self is to do your best work. Art as I like to call it. (Actually, I nicked the term from Seth Godin but then I don't think either of us have a monopoly on said term!)

If you're not doing your best work, what are you doing with your one...and...oh-so-precious life?

I know.



And yet more work.

Sure, you can still be perfect doing work -- we've all got to pay the bills -- but you and I both know that that's shadow work when compared to the real deal. You know, the sort of work that touches your heart and makes life, life. 

So the question is, how can I be even more perfect that I am already?


Or art?