YouTube Account Restored!!
After many hours of going insane and trying everything we could think of to get the channel restored, it is now back! After being reviewed by an actual person, it was determined that it was a mistake on YouTube's part (go figure lol) and that it had been though that my account was owned by a spammer for some reason.

Just as important and heart warming as the return of the channel, is the incredible support from the community here, on the Discord, from YouTube and on the Factorio sub Reddit, and Twitter. Everyone's encouraging words, advice, attempts to contact YouTube (which is actually what eventually drew their attention to the issue), and new pledges on here is mind blowing! So thank you all so very much!!

To all the new people who have pledged, thank you! Now that the account is back, if you feel you can't/don't want to keep your new pledge, I would understand, but hope to have you stick around as it does still help a ton. :)

To all the people who were already supporting here, as always, you guys are the best and I truly couldn't do this without you!

Videos will continue back to normal tomorrow once I get a good night sleep and clear my head.
This is the best community ever! Couldn't ask for anything better.