YouTube Channel: Engage!
So I've been thinking a lot about how I can enhance the teaching experience for my discord.js guides, and I do believe I've found a great channel to do so, that pulls on my experience at work: YouTube. Now, to explain, I actually do youtube videos and tutorials at work as well as internal webinar training - so being in front of a camera and microphone and teaching technical stuff has become second nature to me.

Thus I present to you, the channel that I launched about a week ago: <Evie.Codes>

With an already whooping 122 subscribers for only 2 videos and almost 900 views I can safely say it's up to a great start. And with your help it can get better. See, the studio I use in those videos is actually at work, to which I don't have access at all times (and not during weekends for example). With appropriate funding I could equip my home office with a quality microphone and some soundproofing, enabling me to do more videos, faster. 

The current series concentrates on Discord.js bot making but I fully intend to expand into other coding series, most probably node.js and then more. Quality tutorials on YouTube are few and far between and I intend to add to the number with my own special touch.

So what does being my patron give you? I will provide my patrons with a link to any video I publish, 24 hours before the official publication date (when the video is made public). That's any video, including news and updates, and private thanks. 

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