YouTube in the works!
I just set up a bunch of new equipment for my youtube channel that i will be launching next week, if everything goes smoothly! This means much more creative content for you to enjoy! Oh boy! :D
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Every little bit counts! With this entry level package you are entitled to content updates and news!
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Bread Winner! At the $5 tier you earn the ability to suggest content and get a stream callout for your dedication and the ability to request playlists or songs for the interlude or background music! Captains are eligable for small giveaways!
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As a Centurion you have the same power as the Captain as well as the privlidge of being able to schedule a voice appearance in the stream to chat with Nismospoolin and his Co-Hosts! Centurions are eligable for Medium and small giveaways!
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Upon becoming  a General, we will send you a Nismospoolin Stream Sticker pack, you will be eligable for large giveaways, medium giveaways and small giveaways, as well as enjoying the other perks from previous teirs!
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