How YouTube Subscribed Me to Fox & Unsubscribed Me From RT Behind My Back

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This is innocuous, unlike the YouTube/Fox/US MSM manipulation you'll read about below! 

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SM Manipulation: How YouTube Subscribed Me to Fox & Unsubscribed Me From RT Behind My Back! 

This is an alert for everyone - we all need to know what's happening! In addition to shadow banning, downgrading and deleting honest truth-telling sources from search engines, like it happened to FuturisTrendcast and yours truly, the new, more aggressive techniques are now employed!

About 10 days ago I discovered that my YouTube timeline is being taken over by Fox videos. I was literally bombed by them. You may know that I boycott the US/UK mass media on principle, unless there is a very specific reason to refer to them. 

I tried to unsubscribe by going into Fox channel, but undesirable videos kept popping up, drowning out the content I wanted to watch. I refreshed the screen several times, then reset my computer. Nothing helped.  I went to several Fox videos and disliked them, something I usually don't do - in the hopes that YT algorithm gets the message. That didn't produce any result. 

Then I went back to Fox channel and banned it from my timeline... but believe it or not, Fox videos continued popping up in my subscription timeline. I was exhausted and turned off my computer, deciding that if in a day or two Fox is still there, I'll write a complain to YT. 

It was very clear that YT, in cohorts with the White House and Fox, is doing this deliberately. They add a very active and invasive Fox News channel to people's subscriptions without their permission, and keep it there for as long as they can, hoping SOME will get used to it and let it stay. And the propaganda spewed by it is such that it'll make your ears curl - at least it did mine. 

It finally disappeared with a several days delay, when they apparently decided I wasn't the 'Fox material.' 

Then I remembered: YT already tried this number on me some time ago,  but with a different US MSM channel. That time it also took some persistent clicking on 'unsubscribe' button to get rid of its pesky presence. 

Not seeing Fox videos, I began breathing easier. But several days ago, when I went back to my YT subscription to check if there were further updates on Ukraine elections, Golan Heights and Venezuela, I was surprised that I wasn't seeing any RT videos. And of course I discovered that YT, behind my back, deleted my RT subscription! Again, what they are hoping to happen is that some people will assume that RT didn't post any videos and eventually forget about it. 

This is yet another, very insidious, shadow banning and sabotage technique by the Dark State and those who are afraid of the truth! 

Something like this can have easily happened to me. And it probably did, because at some point I began seeing a drop in viewership on my blog, YT channel and Twitter, not to mention the temporary Facebook ban. I constantly feel some shadow-banning behind the scenes, and I've felt it since 2016 -17.

This is info war and a war against higher energy and the truth! 

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