YouTube metrics
Because I like metrics, and I suspect some of you might as well, here's what YouTube tells me about my videos since July 2016 (when the first WDC Recap Video went up):

Minutes watched: 158,902

Average View Duration: 8:12

Views: 19,301

"Estimated Revenue*" $25.44 - YouTube doesn't pay anything until $100, and see below

I finally had a video go over 1,000 views:

The majority of my viewers are in the US, but only 55%, and 96% of my viewers are men 

I currently have 136 subscribers.  YouTube now requires 1,000 subscribers to allow continued monetization of the videos, so no more ads for a while! Big spike in Subscribers since I started the Diplomacy Academy series, though.  Cracking 1,000 is my new goal.  

People watch, on average, less than 50% of any given video - and my highest is 63%! That surprises me.  Here are the rolling 30-day average view times for my 5 most watched videos. 

Finally, 405 Likes and 1 Dislike (Curse you random French Viewer!) - here's a neat bubble chart showing views on the X axis and Likes on the Y for the five most viewed videos.  Bubble size is "average view duration"

Pretty big spike in likes since I started asking for it in the ending to all the videos.  

That's it for today.  Data!  Who doesn't love it?

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