YouTube News (and Welcome to our New Patrons)!

Dear friends,

First and foremost, a very warm welcome to my new Patrons, who have decided to join our team at the beginning of this Spring. 

This March has been a very productive month, with a staggering 76% growth in the number of views on YouTube alone (let alone Facebook, where we have reached a total of 5 million views by early 2019).

Thousands of people watched 182,900 minutes of video content. Your financial investment has dramatically increased the quality of our production. This has been visible in the steady growth of YouTube subscribers: 36% growth compared to the previous month.

I was really shocked to find out that my interview with Professor Adrian Papahagi about the Book of Genesis got 63,000 minutes of video coverage. This suggests that our audience wants more quality commentaries on the foundational texts of our Western civilisation, in the particular the Bible.

My desire is to film again a two-hours long interview with my friend Adrian. Will you give us a help?

Professor Papahagi resides in Cluj, Transylvania, while I live in Bucharest, together with my daughter Maria. Prior to the Easter festival (that is, the Resurrection of our Lord), I am kindly asking you to consider stepping up your very generous investment into our team of professional cameramen and movie creators. 

Any trip to Cluj triples the costs of our work in Bucharest, given the travel costs, accommodation, as well as the small honorarium and hospitality, which we owe to your special guest. 

I am very confident that our reflections on the wisdom of the Bible will prove to be of enormous value one week, one month, one year, as well as one decade from now. Your money is not being wasted, but thoroughly invested in education. Let us go above the 500$ threshold and far above the 20 patrons!

Thank you very much and please spread our best YouTube link to your friends and relatives.

May God bless the United States of America and Romania, too!

Mihai Neamțu

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