YouTube not advertiser friendly
So I have to say I didn't think YouTube's Not advertiser-friendly system was going to be as dumb as it is. The ONLY series I have have uploaded videos for that YouTube has had a problem with is Day of Infamy, a World War 2 FPS running on the Source engine and created by the company behind the Insurgancy game. But here are the kickers:
  • 1) It takes YouTube a few days to have a problem with any Day of Infamy video I upload.
  • 2) Verdun, a World War 1 FPS running on the Unity Engine, is a game that I would consider "more offensive" due to it having the option for you to see peoples limbs go flying off if they are killed by an explosion. But YouTube has not had a problem with my uploads of Verdun.

This is the second or third time a video either on Day of Infamy or using Day of Infamy as the background footage has been marked as "not advertiser-friendly." I have to say if I ever get enough Patrons to turn off ads on my YouTube videos I will have no regrets in doing so.