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youtube - some vocal improvisation
I was busy with family, copying youtube videos to my new 4GB harddisk and dealing with a nasty storm damaging my house during the first days of 2018. So I put up some footage I did not yet publish in the meantime. It's a very original work since I was actually improvising right in front of the camera. So it should not contain somebody else's work.

This is my first early access post. It will stay limited on patreon for at least 3 days. Of course during this time it will also stay unlisted on youtube. This means it will also test my own theory about keeping youtube videos unlisted until the algorithm probably got to a mostly final decision about restricting and demonetising.

The same time I'll test the charging system. I do not actually know yet if and how it works but it tells me that cards will be credited on the first of next month which means february 1st 2018.

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