YouTube's gone mad? D'OH!
I've always claimed that I do my video content for fun. It's also true that the videos are monetized on YouTube, of course. This allowed me to earn some pocket change on the side.

In the last few days I started seeing some weird videos from a few big channels I follow - videos regarding a new YouTube tools and robots that flag content as "unapropriate for ads" and in some cases just completely remove ads. I heard some of these channels are even considering dropping their full-time work on YouTube and taking on something else.

My videos have never brought me piles of money, but they did provide enough for me to be able to pay for hosting, software, game purchases and subscriptions and even something little for Vulkk (like my new awesome Star Wars t-shirts I got delivered a few days ago - will show them off soon :P). It's hard to tell if any of my videos are suffering currently from YouTube's new policy and robots roaming about, but I have noticed a drop of ~30-40% of my income this month so far. In the featured picture above you see what a suspicious video looks like and here is what a normal video earnings should be. 

Give or take some % for the margin of error and RNG. After all nothing is set in stone, but the difference is just too big to be a coincidence. A video with 3.5k has earned me ~$5.70 (Woohoo?). That's normal, actually. And that's also why I always smile when people ask me if I live off my YouTube earnings. And just in case you missed it, the video in the featured picture up there has 3.3k views and only ~$1.20 revenue. Imagine this happening to a person who does it for living?

Last month when I decided to do something about's hosting, it was provoked from a completely different reasons. Thank God, I did it, because if the YouTube earnings keep dropping, soon I'll have to rely solely on your Patreon support here and the ads earnings from the website.

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