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To think after all this time I get to recycle this piece... I was wondering if I should post it or change the ending text and then my sister-in-law and her troop said they were visiting next week until the 10th so I get to use this again. I'm trying to get what I can set up for Inside OuT and queued up on Tapastic at the very least, but will probably end up posting this for the weekend there too. I have a little under 300 pages left to post on Tapastic so I want to continue getting those up as quickly as possible, nearly have 70 followers there. 

Other news, Yesterday marked the 1 year anniversary for Clockwork Clown and the Wind up Princess. To think it has been a full year since I first began that silly doujin project. I'm glad people are enjoying it and my other projects on Sapphoids. I've actually be working on setting the page up so it is easier to follow, Now there are Chrono tags in place that will allow you to read the story in order. I actually split things into two categories, there is the main story of Clockwork Clown, which I do plan to continue soon enough. The category is for the other short Vocaloids stories like "Miku Choose" and such. I've decided to called these Rin's Dream AU stories and the won't be connected to the main story, but I'll still be creating them. 

If you don't know I also created a twitter account for Sapphoids, dealing with Rin's dairies, just a silly thing where I can post Rin's thoughts of the strange events of the Sapphoids universe and chat with other vocaloids twitter accounts. It has been a tad silly with Daily Miku right now. The fact that I'm actually socializing with a number of other artist is a big step for me. I'm usually very quiet and don't talk outside of my own pages. 

Also, Patreon has mentioned working on adding in a TAG system that would make it easier for you all to find things like Wallpaper, tutorials and the like. That being said while I don't know when this system will be added I have go through my DA account and removed all WIP, sketches and tutorials. From now on they will all be posted here. I'll post a tutorial every now and then for my $5 patrons, if there is anything those of you wish me to create a tut about then feel free to ask and I'll see what i can do. I'll probably post my Candles and broken glass tuts, even if I don't do things that way anymore. The others might need to be updates, but if people want those old PS tutorials then say so and I'll see about posting them as well. 

Well I'm off to get what I can get done for Tapastic now. Sorry to ramble so much... I'll try to get caught up again after family has gone. 

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