Oh hey, by the way, HERE'S A FREE SONG! It's new, it's a demo, i recorded it on the bottom bunk of a hostel dorm and i wrote it while I was back home, in my nieces bedroom. It's about her! I have three sisters and Zara is the first little human to pop out of any of us, so that's pretty darn special in itself. When Lindsay told me she was pregnant i felt so much love already for the little nut growing inside her and, at times, it was hard being overseas while someone I'm so close to was going through such a special and important thing. I arrived back home when Zara was 6 weeks old and, what I wasn't prepared for, was how instantly connected I felt to her and how easily we bonded. When she fell asleep on my shoulder, trusting and fragile, i felt like all the love in the world was inside my heart, and I knew that we would always be friends, and I would always watch over her and keep her safe. I'm in a songwriting club - each week someone picks a word and we all have to write a song in under an hour using or being inspired by that word. On this particular week, the word was 'obsession' and so I wrote about the beautiful obsession of loving this child. If you're you like it and want it, you can download it for FREE. If you like it and want to support me in making more like it, you can still download it for FREE! And then, if you can and want to, you can become a Patron by pledging to pay as little as $1 every time i make a new song demo like this one. It helps support me in creating and sharing, and it helps keep your ears and hearts happy. Win win i think! If you're already a Patron, you're awesome. THANKYOU. You help me live as a musician, creator, artist, poet, human and sharer of things that are hopefully worth sharing. I appreciate you. So very much. Much love to you all, and may you all enjoy the beautiful, healthy obsession of loving another human being xxSam