Zak Noyle
Surf photographers deserve way more credit ...  Zak Noyle is a huge inspiration and def. on the list of people we want to interview. We have been curating the best footage since 1999 and we stopped producing original content when our camera broke down in Jeffreys Bay. Can't wait to tell you all a bit more about our new projects, but I do want to say that we'll never stop curating. If we see something with a high production value like the video about Zak Noyle, we'll will not hesitate to do what we love. Sharing.

"From November to January every year the North Shore of Oahu becomes the center of the surfing world. Surfers, captains of industry, camera operators, promo crews, you name it, all come rushing. This season we figured we'd check-in with one of the hottest photographers in the game, Hawaiian Zak Noyle, and have filmer Ryan Moss produce a visual diary of the young gun capturing every last moment that matters throughout the season. Don’t just come behind the scenes, come behind the lens, as we bring a fresh focus to the North Shore winter."