Zbrush skyscraper 01
I decided to use Array Mesh agin to start this building. I used a simple cube and then duplicated it in each direction various amounts until I had the height and width of the building I wanted. I then created a main body underneath all the cubes. The cubes will be using a glass material and the underlying material will give me another aspect to change the look of the renders. I used the Zmodeler brush to create all the structures. It makes it easy to separate sections into their own subtotals. The reason for different subtotals is to give them their own materials when rendering.

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✅ 3D render images are of various sizes

✅ HD renders included

✅ RAW PSDs when created

✅ Zbrush tools, Subtotals & OBJ file(s)

✅ Zbrush Project file(s)

✅ Time-Lapse Video process

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