ZBrush Building 01: Conception Realized
Rendered the Building in Keyshot several times. I used a couple different materials and tried alternate lighting situations. Finally I took a few of the rendered passes and put them in Affinity Photo to play with the background and lighting a little more. I'll post another image of the final render and adjusted image on its own.

▶️ This is part of my 3rd Fortnight's rewards ◀️

It will be sent out during 1-10th of February with all 2nd Fortnight rewards!

✅ 3D render images are of various sizes

✅ HD renders included

✅ RAW PSD is at 3001 x 2000 px

✅ Zbrush tools, Subtotals & OBJ file(s)

✅ Zbrush Project file(s)

✅ Turntable video

✅ Time-Lapse Video process

Much Love to all my supporters! ❤️