Narrator: This is the world of Vuric. It is an extraordinary place. Everything weird and wonderful that you could imagine exists here. But beneath its many cheerful exteriors hides a dark and disturbing underbelly. In reality, this is a world with a history fraught with wars, massacres and injustice…

(scene: two dark animal-like figures are sitting on a rock atop a rolling hillside overlooking a countryside village, one looks particularly more fearsome than the other)

Blackwind: Look at them all down there. So blissful and content. It makes me sick.

Callum: What are we going to do, Blackwind?

Blackwind: Whatever we have to, Callum. Whatever we have to do to survive. I don’t care what it takes. Even if I have to become a monster…

Wolf’s Pride; Wolf’s Justice

(scene: Zephyr driving a motorcycle down a country road in the middle of nowhere, he is a young skinny guy, with scruffy red hair with two points in the shape of wolf ears, and a mark the shape of a cross between his eyes, he is wearing shorts and no shirt, he has a wolf’s tail and he’s eating some kind of candy; there is a scrawny looking wolf with big ears riding in the passenger’s compartment; he is a full-fledged wolf with four legs and fur)

Scratch: Zephyr, you really shouldn’t eat so much junk food. Your teeth will rot.

Zephyr: Pfft! Don’t be a prude, Scratch.

Scratch: I’m not being a prude! At least know what your insults mean.

Zephyr: Are we there yet?

Scratch: (exasperated) You’re the one driving, idiot…

Zephyr: I know, but I’m just so stoked! The guys at Headquarters have finally sent us on a real mission! If I nail it, they’ll transfer me to the big city where the real action is! I’m howling for some excitement! (he looks to the sky and starts to howl)


Zephyr: By the way, where exactly are we going again?

Scratch: (exasperated) Give me strength. You don’t even know that and yet you’re… (sighs) It’s embarrassing, and you’re meant to be the older brother. Okay! We’re going to a small mountain town called Wiserton. Apparently, a monster has been sighted in the hills behind it. (we see a large beast like silhouette of an horrific monster)

Zephyr: A monster? What kind?

Scratch: How should I know? The information pack doesn’t specify.

Zephyr: I don’t really want to hurt a monster that’s done nothing wrong. Just being there isn’t a crime.

Scratch: The monster has killed several sheep and the villagers are scared. Take this seriously! Remember, we’re not going there to play. Stay focused on our mission.

Zephyr: Scratch, I am always focused. (looks ahead) Oh my god! (shows the two mountains in front of him) Those two mountains look like boobs! (grins) I like boobs… (the motorcycle begins to trail off the road and into the dirt)

Scratch: ZEPH, KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE- (a signpost whacks Scratch in the face and knocks him out, Zeph pulls back onto the road)

Zephyr: Phew, that was close. Scratch? (looks over) Scratch? (no reply) Okay, you sleep. I’ll wake you up when we get there.

(scene: in front of the town hall in Wiserton there is a plump man behind a podium at the top of the steps, a large crowd has gathered and is looking anxious)

Man: What are you going to do about this mayor!? There’s a monster running amok in our quiet, peaceful and all-around generally uneventful town!

Man 2: It won’t be long until it moves on from sheep and starts killing humans! That’s what we is! (intentional misspelling)

Little girl: Are we going to die, Mommy?

Mommy: Yes dear!

Mayor: Don’t worry my people. You can trust me, your glorious mayor, to resolve this. Rest assured the problem will be dealt with.

Man 3: How? In just one night… (a woman is almost crying; he looks angry and emotional) …in just one night…TWO SHEEP HAVE BEEN KILLED! (the woman suddenly faints dramatically)

Man: The Thompsons who own the sheep farm are in bits! (shows a husband and wife, they both look like farmers and each have the same bushy moustache)

Mrs. Thompson: We’re not really bothered to be honest.

Mr. Thompson: We’re getting kind of bored with the farmer’s life.


Mayor: I’ve called in a professional Monster Hunter to take care of it.

Man: Monster Hunter?

Man 2: Is there really such a thing?

Mayor: Relax, I, your glorious mayor, have made sure that this person is more than capable of eliminating whatever creature may be lurking in the hills around our town. I promise that I, your glorious mayor, won’t let anything happen to my precious voters. (the faces of the crowd light up and they burst into cheer and rejoice)

Man: Our hero!


Man 2: We’re sorry we ever doubted you!

Mommy: It looks like we’re not going to die after all, dear!

Little girl: Hooray!

Mayor: And don’t forget to vote for I, your glorious mayor, in next week’s mayoral election!


(scene: a girl is walking into town, she looks tired and fed up; she is a slim, wearing a bizarre purple and orange outfit with the letters M and H on the front, she’s wearing matching shorts and a matching triangular hat, she has green hair which sticks out in two pigtails)

Minnie: Aww, what a pain! I’ve been walking for two days! My legs are covered in sunburns! I wish I didn’t have to do this… (she stops an old woman walking down the street) Excuse me, can you tell me the way to Wiserton?

Old woman: You’re in it.

Minnie: Huh? (the old woman gestures towards a massive billboard directly in front of Minnie which says “WELCOME TO WISERTON”, Minnie looks embarrassed) Oh… Ahahaha! Of course I noticed it! You’d have to be a blind moron not to! Ahahaha! (the old woman walks off, looking down her nose at her, Minnie stops laughing; to herself) Miserable old busybody… Well, now that I’m in Wiserton I should go see the mayor. I want to get this over with. (at the same time, Zeph is riding his motorcycle into the village, it’s deserted because everyone is at the town meeting)

Zephyr: This looks like the place. Damn, where are all the hot chicks? Is there really a monster here? (he looks over at Scratch, who’s still unconscious) Scratch? …Man, you’re a deep sleeper. Well, I guess I’ll park here. (as he parks another sign saying “Welcome To Wiserton” hits Scratch in the face; Zeph gets out and walks down the street a little) Hello? Is there anybody here? Monster? (Minnie comes walking over in his direction and sees him) Please come out here and surrender to me so I can kill you. Err, I mean please come out and surrender then I won’t kill you. (to himself) That’ll fool him!

Minnie: This must be the village idiot. There’s always one. I should avoid him. (she tries to walk around him but Zeph spots her and stares, he looks her body up and down) W-What? (blood suddenly shoots from Zeph’s nose; Minnie jumps in shock) Hey! A-Are you alright!?

Zephyr: (holding his nose) You… You’re… SO, SO HOT! You’re one curvy, sexy, bouncy, flat-stomached, perfectly sculpted babe! (stamps his foot and howls like wolf)

Scratch: ZEPHYR! (Scratch is running over looking furious) YOU SCAR FACED IDIOT! (he bites him on the backside)


Scratch: (lets go) Thanks to your reckless driving I was hit in the face, twice!

Zephyr: You should keep your paws and head inside the vehicle at all times!

Scratch: I was! (turns to Minnie) I’m so sorry about this simpleton, miss. I’ll remove him from your presence immediately.

Zephyr: (to Minnie) Wait! I have to ask that you show me your boobs first!

Scratch: THAT’S ENOUGH ZEPH! (grabs him by the tail with his mouth and begins to pull him away) Remind me never to let you talk to another human being ever again!

Zephyr: No! I want to stay with the hot girl! (Minnie just watches, lost for words)

Scratch: You can’t! We have a monster to catch!

Minnie: Wait a minute! (they look around) Did you guys say you’re here to catch a monster?

Scratch: That’s right.

Zephyr: Why? What’s it to you?

Scratch: And what’s going on with that outfit you’re wearing?

Zephyr: Why are you dressed like a birthday candle? (Minnie looks embarrassed)

Minnie: Well, you see… (she recalls a certain person’s voice in her head)

Voice: You must always do the speech with passion! Unless you want to spit on your family’s name! (Zeph and Scratch look at her confused; she whips out a large net from her backpack and strikes a pose)

Minnie: (with a bored face and a comically unenthusiastic attitude) I am the world famous Monster Hunter, Minnie Molar! One of the Molar Monster Hunters! Yes! That’s right! Monsters beware, when Minnie’s in the air, you’re in for a scare, so say your prayers! (Zeph and Scratch stare at her in awkward silence for a while, then Zeph suddenly bursts out laughing)

Scratch: ZEPHYR!

Zephyr: HAHAHA! I’m sorry! It’s just- It’s just- What the hell was that!? HAHAHA!

Minnie: (buries her face in her hands) This is so embarrassing!

Zephyr: Then you’re here to capture the monster too?

Minnie: Looks like it. Although I’d rather be anywhere else. Who are you anyway?

Zephyr: My name’s Zephyr and this is my brother Scratch. We’re Law Enforcers!

Scratch: Pleased to meet you.

Minnie: Brothers? You mean as in you’re so close you’re like brothers? (Zeph and Scratch tilt their heads sideways in confusion) Well, there’s no way you can be real brothers, right? Right? (Zeph and Scratch look at each other)

Zephyr: What does she mean ‘real brothers’?

Scratch: I dunno.

Minnie: Never mind…

Zephyr: By the way Minnie, aren’t you surprised that Scratch can talk?

Minnie: No, he’s a Woodbroke Wolf, isn’t he? In my line of monster hunting of course I know what they are.

Scratch: (thinking) Is she saying I’m a monster?

Narrator: Woodbroke Wolves are a highly intelligent race of wolves. Aside from having the ability to speak, they also harbor many other powers.

Zephyr: So, if we’re both here looking for the same monster, why don’t we find it together?

Scratch: Err, Zeph, I don’t think that’s a good idea.

Minnie: (annoyed) Why? Got a problem with me!?

Scratch: (scared) NO!

Zephyr: Then let’s go! (Scratch looks uneasy and worried for some reason)

Minnie: (thinking) Heh-heh! If I stick with these two they can take down the monster for me and then I can take all the credit! Woodbroke Wolves are especially strong after all. I’ll put all my hopes on that little guy! (looks at Zeph) I doubt the pervert can do much.

Zephyr: (thinking) Yes! The hot girl’s coming with us! This is practically a date! And at the end of a date you get- AH!!! (blood shoots out of his nose)


(scene: inside the mayor’s office, the mayor is sitting in a big fancy gold chair, he has a small satchel of gems is his hand and is throwing it into the air and catching it repeatedly; his aide is standing next to his desk)

Aide: You’ve done it, sir! You’ve used this recent monster scare to your advantage and been able to get the whole town back on your side. I have no doubt that they’ll re-elect you at next week’s voting ceremony.

Mayor: Those lowlifes better had! This job is too sweet to give up!

Aide: And they’re so panic-stricken they’ve forgotten all about your previous corruptions! (the mayor suddenly gets an angry look in his eyes, he slams a binder into the aide’s chest)

Mayor: Don’t you dare call me corrupt! Everything I did I did for the sake of the townspeople, you got that!?

Aide: Yes sir! Sorry sir!

Mayor: See, they don’t know what’s best for them, that’s why they need me. They didn’t want to vote for me, so they’ve forced me to pull a stunt like this.

Blackwind: Quit babbling your self-righteous bullshit! (the mayor and his aide look over; it shows a wolf sitting on a sofa on the other side of the office, he’s big with a long tail, his fur is all black and he has a scar on his left eye) It’s making my ears hurt! I’ve had enough of living in a cave, old man! One more night and then it’s payday!

Mayor: Don’t be absurd! I hired you to be the town monster so I could scare people into voting for me! The deal was you’d continue to kill sheep and insight fear until I can secure my victory in the election next week. You’re not getting a penny out of me until I’m reelected! (shows another wolf sitting next to Blackwind, he’s a grey wolf with a big bushy tail, spiked fur on his head like hair and a piercings on his eyebrows, nose and right ear)

Callum: Maybe we shouldn’t push our luck, cousin.

Blackwind: Keep out of this, Callum. Tell me old man, exactly how do you plan to show your voters that you’re tackling this problem without them discovering that it was you that started it, or without revealing me as the monster? Because I swear, if you try to stitch me up I’ll bloody kill you.

Mayor: I’ve called in a Monster Hunter of the Molar family.

Blackwind: (suddenly shocked and enraged) YOU’VE WHAT!? (Blackwind runs across the room, jumps up onto the mayor’s desk and gets right up in his face, startling him and his aide) THE MOLAR FAMILY!? ARE YOU TRYING TO GET MY COVER BLOWN!? OR WORSE, GET ME KILLED!?

Mayor: (scared) I-I’m only keeping the simple-minded townsfolk happy! Please! I assumed you wouldn’t be scared of a Monster Hunter anyway! Not a wolf as notorious as you!

Blackwind: If he’s from the Molar family even I know not to underestimate him! They’ll execute me if I’m caught! I’m wanted in seven realms! You know maybe I should just kill you and take my money now. Do you have a vault?

Aide: Why you! Get away from the Mayor! (the aide is suddenly lifted into the air, something seems to be holding him up by his throat, choking him, Blackwind is just giving him a cold dark stare while looking directly at his neck, Callum looks worried and comes over)

Blackwind: Stay where you are, Callum. Don’t interfere. (Callum does as he’s told)

Aide: (choking) Please- let- me- (the sound of the aide’s neck breaking can be heard, Blackwind releases him and his dead body falls to the floor)

Mayor: (falls out of his chair in horror) AH! You- You killed him! You monster!

Blackwind: (evil) Huh? I thought you wanted me to be a monster. You hired me to commit murders so that your superior handling of the situation would win you back the town’s affection and respect, right?

Mayor: But I only wanted you to kill farm animals! This is- Oh dear God!

Blackwind: So now do you understand who’s in control of this situation?

Mayor: Please let me explain. The Monster Hunter is the daughter of the late Mani Molar.

Blackwind: A woman?

Mayor: Precisely, there’s no way she can live up to all the famous Monster Hunters in her family. Besides, I heard she’s not really into Monster Hunting anyway.

Blackwind: Hmm, is that so?

Mayor: You’re not afraid of a lone woman, are you? (Blackwind looks at him angrily) AH!

Blackwind: Fine. I’ll forgive you this time. But I still want a bigger cut. Let’s see, my new terms are… Hmm, 6000 Gems. Otherwise I’ll kill you. (the mayor timidly nods; Blackwind starts to walk out the room) Let’s go, Callum.

Callum: Yes cousin. (begins to follow)

Blackwind: (turns around) Oh and one last thing. Never make a deal with a wolf. You’re likely to get screwed. (they leave the room)

Mayor: Damn, how did things end up like this? I just wanted to be mayor a little longer…

(scene: Zeph, Scratch and Minnie are sitting outside an ice-cream parlor in the town square with sundaes, Zeph is putting cherries on top of his two scoops of ice-cream to make it look like boobs, he’s grinning to himself)

Minnie: What? Zephyr, you were raised by wolves?

Zephyr: Yep. In the Woodbroke Forest. Scratch was raised by wolves too.

Minnie: I kinda figured that since he is one. So you two were raised together and that’s why you’re like brothers. You guys are so cute. You must care about each other a lot. (Zeph and Scratch turn red)

Zephyr/Scratch: W-Well, he’d be lost without me, so…

Minnie: I wish I had a brother; it would make my life a whole lot easier.

Scratch: Why?

Minnie: I come from a long line of Monster Hunters and when it’s time to pass on the torch to the next generation it’s usually passed to the son. But I’m an only child, so my father expected me to become the new Molar Monster Hunter. But I’ve never been interested in it; I always wanted to be a fashion designer.

Scratch: Well that explains your… extravagant getup.

Minnie: I’d like to stop but I owe it to my father to carry on his legacy. He did such a good job of raising me after my mom walked out on us, the selfish bitch.

Zephyr: Well you seem like a nice enough person, aside from calling your mom a bitch. (he takes a bite into his ice-cream) AHH! IT’S COLD!

Scratch: Zeph, don’t sink your teeth straight into it like that. (to Minnie) Zeph has sensitive teeth from eating too much junk food.

Zephyr: (annoyed) Oh, just tell the whole world why don’t you!? (sulks)

Minnie: By the way Zephyr, how did you get that massive scar between your eyes?

Zephyr: This? It’s not a scar, it’s a birthmark.

Minnie: A birthmark? But it looks really weird.

Zephyr: I’m a really weird guy!

Minnie: Oh crap! I was supposed to go see the mayor as soon as I arrived! He called me here specially!

Scratch: He did? We just received an anonymous tip off.

Zephyr: Don’t worry, Scratch can do that.

Scratch: I can!?

Zephyr: Yeah. I know you don’t like danger that much so me and Minnie can go find the monster while you go see the mayor.

Minnie: (confused) Huh? Just you and me? Don’t you need Scratch?

Scratch: (whispers) Err, Zeph, can I speak to you in private for a moment?


Scratch: (whisper) Yes, keep your voice down.


Scratch: STOP IT! (takes Zeph to one side leaving Minnie looking confused; whispering) I really don’t think you should be alone with her.

Zephyr: Why? Are you worried I might try something? Scratch, give me some credit, even I have my limits!

Scratch: THAT’S NOT WHAT I’M SAYING! I’m talking about, you know, your secret.

Zephyr: Scratch, stop worrying about me. (stands up; to Minnie) Shall we go?

Minnie: (slightly annoyed) If you’re done ignoring me! (they walk off)

Scratch: (worried; thinking) Zephyr, you idiot…

(scene: nighttime, a cave near the back of the hills on the outskirts of town; inside, Blackwind is washing his face in a puddle looking cheerful, while Callum is looking sadly at the fire lit in the center of the cave)

Blackwind: Ah! More random sheep killing tonight! I can’t believe I’m getting paid to do this! Being on the wrong side of the law does have its perks sometimes! (Callum doesn’t respond, Blackwind looks over at him) Hey, you haven’t said a word to me since we got back.

Callum: Huh?

Blackwind: Did it bother you? Seeing me kill a human?

Callum: …Not really.

Blackwind: (annoyed) I keep giving you the option! Go back to the forest if you want! I’m sure the others would take you back! Don’t feel like you have some kind of obligation to stick with me because I’m your cousin.

Callum: (shakes his head) I don’t want to be separated from you. After all, it’s my fault you got banished in the first place.

Blackwind: You didn’t make me kill that wolf.

Callum: But you did it for me, because of what he said about my mother.

Blackwind: Don’t flatter yourself! The bastard had it coming. You just gave me an excuse.

Callum: You just got a little carried trying to defend my honor. I can’t leave you. (Blackwind stares at him, emotionless for a while)

Blackwind: (turns and leaves the cave) You’re weird. Don’t leave the cave while I’m gone, okay? (Callum looks back at the fire and stares into it with a sad look on his face)

(scene: Zeph and Minnie are walking through the hills, it’s a foggy night)

Zephyr: Are you scared?

Minnie: I’ve been trained for this. I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve for catching monsters.

Zephyr: If you get scared you can always take off your bra!

Minnie: Why would I do that? (they hear a growl in the fog) What was that noise?

Zephyr: (sniffing) I recognize this scent… (he runs off while Minnie’s back is turned)

Minnie: Okay Zephyr, I’m getting a little scared now. (no reply) Zephyr? (she looks around to find him gone) HEY! HOW CAN YOU ABANDON A GIRL IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!? OKAY FINE! IF YOU COME BACK I’LL TAKE OFF MY BRA! I’M DOING IT RIGHT NOW! (she begins to fiddle with the strap)

(Zeph is running through the fog in the direction of the noise, a black outline of something slowly comes into view, it’s Blackwind, with his head buried deep in the bowels of a sheep carcass, he seems to be munching on it’s innards, he hasn’t noticed Zeph)

Zephyr: (thinking) A wolf? He’s got the same scent as a Woodbroke Wolf. (Blackwind notices his presence, he looks around at Zeph with blood on his face, still munching)

Blackwind: (unfazed) Who the hell are you? (Zeph hesitates for a minute)

Zephyr: (points at Blackwind) T-That’s what I should be asking! Are you the monster that’s been terrorizing Wiserton!?

Blackwind: So what if I am? Are you the Monster Hunter? Well, that can’t be true; you’re supposed to be a woman.

Zephyr: (slightly red) D-Do I look like a woman to you? (begins to wonder) Then again… (in a thought bubble, Zeph imagines what he’d look like as a woman, he’s wearing a skimpy bikini and panties and is looking at his body in the mirror; drooling and looking happy) That would be the best… (blood trickles from his nose)

Blackwind: What do you want from me, human?

Zephyr: (snaps out of it) Listen! If you’re a Woodbroke Wolf then what are you playing at? This isn’t something a Woodbroke Wolf does! What happened to your wolf’s pride?

Blackwind: And what would you know? You’re just a human.

Zephyr: I know a lot more than you might think. (Zeph’s body begins to change, his skin starts to grow fur, claws form at his fingertips, his chest, legs and arms become more buff, a wolf’s snout grows from his nose and his pupils turn red, but his hair remains; Blackwind watches, looking slightly surprised; Zeph stands there in full wolf form, he looks a lot more menacing and vicious) I’m Zephyr. And as a Law Enforcer- No, as a fellow Woodbroke Wolf I’ll make you pay for your crimes.

Blackwind: (grins) This is a surprise. To think I’d run into the Zephyr Wolf here.

Zephyr: So you’ve heard of me?

Blackwind: There isn’t anyone in from the forest who hasn’t. The human that could turn into a mutant wolf-beast. You had quite the reputation.

Zephyr: (crosses his arms ready to attack) In that case, you should understand my power! Surrender before I kill you!

Blackwind: You cocky bastard, already deciding that you’re going to win! Do one!

Zephyr: (grinning) Have it your way. (he charges at Blackwind) BLOOD LUST - SLASH! (he swipes at Blackwind, who just barely dodges)

Blackwind: (taken back; thinking) He’s faster than I expected!

Zephyr: (Zeph swings his leg round at him) BLOOD LUST - KICK!

Blackwind: (with Zeph’s foot hurdling towards his face; thinking) He’s not even giving me a chance to react! (he kicks him in the face sending him hurdling back into the fog, he lands in the mud with a bloody scratch mark left on the left side of his face) Damn! I’ve got no choice but to retreat! (he runs off into the fog; Zeph comes running over)

Zephyr: Wait, you coward! (stops to look around) Damn it! Where did he go!?

(nearby, Minnie is walking through the fog looking fed up)

Minnie: Where did that guy go? Running off like that… (she sees something up ahead) What’s that? (she moves in and crouches down behind a rock, she sees Zeph in wolf form)

Zephyr: (stomping around angrily) Damn it! Where did that little shit go!? I’ll kill him!

Minnie: (thinking) What the hell is that!? Some kind of giant hairy beast! Could this be the monster that’s everyone’s afraid of!?

Zephyr: (sniffing) Where did he go? Come out, asshole!

Minnie: (thinking) He’s looking for someone. Could it be he’s already encountered Zephyr and now he’s trying to kill him? In that case, I guess it’s up to me to save him! (stands up) Even if my heart’s not always in it, I’m still a Monster Hunter! (points) Hey you! Hairball!

Zephyr: (looks around) Huh?

Minnie: You’re the monster that’s been killing all the cute innocent sheep, aren’t you!? I am the world famous Monster Hunter, Minnie Molar! One of the Molar Monster Hunters! Yes! That’s right! Monsters beware, when Minnie’s in the air, you’re in for a scare, so say your prayers!

Zephyr: Why are you repeating your motto!? Just stay out of my way! It’s dangerous!

Minnie: Hey monster! In the name of the Molar family (takes out a massive bazooka from her backpack) I’ll capture you! (Zeph suddenly looks scared; she fires a ball of sugary syrup from the bazooka that encases Zeph’s body, knocking him to ground) SUGAR BALL!

Zephyr: What the hell are you doing, idiot!?

Minnie: HAHAHA! Nothing can escape from my Sugar Ball! The more you struggle, the more it sticks to your body! The downside is I can only load one sugar ball in my bazooka, so I only have one shot to hit the target.

Zephyr: I’m not the monster, you moron! It’s me! Zephyr!

Minnie: Huh? You’re Zephyr? Ha! Like I’d believe that! What a pathetic attempt to fool me!

Zephyr: It’s the truth! Just look at my birthmark! And my hair!

Minnie: (looks at his face) Actually that does look a lot like the pervert’s mark.

Zephyr: That’s because I am the pervert!

Minnie: (face turns to utter comical shock) Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Zephyr!!!??? You’re the monster!?

Zephyr: NO! Well, I guess I’m some type of monster, but not the one in question!

Minnie: (scratches head) Agh! I’m confused! If you’re not the monster then what are you?

Zephyr: This isn’t the time! The real one is still around here! Get this stuff off me!

Minnie: T-This could be a trap! Father always told me to never trust a monster.

Zephyr: Don’t say crap like that at a time like this! Do you want to die!? (a shadow approaches Minnie from behind)

Minnie: Even if you are the real Zephyr, you’re still a monster. And I’m a Monster Hunter.

Zephyr: HEY! WATCH OUT BEHIND YOU! (Minnie looks around to see Blackwind jumping at her ready to bite, there’s no time to dodge, she screams; suddenly, something grabs her backpack and pulls her to the ground, just missing Blackwind)

Blackwind: (lands on his feet) Looks like some new faces have arrived.

Minnie: (looks around to see that Scratch pulled her to the ground) Scratch!

Zephyr: Scratch!? Why didn’t you go to see the mayor?

Scratch: I knew you’d make a mess of everything without me, and judging from this situation, I was right.

Zephyr: (annoyed) Hey! I’ve got everything under control!

Scratch: Suuuure, looks like it. I wanted to be here to make sure Minnie didn’t find out your secret, but I guess I'm too late.

Blackwind: Hahah! Things have gotten really interesting now!

Zephyr: Watch out, Scratch! He’s the monster everyone’s talking about!

Scratch: Huh? Him!? But he’s a Woodbroke Wolf just like us.

Blackwind: Call me Blackwind. And your name is?

Scratch: Blackwind? Weren’t you one of the top wolves in Spirit School? What are you doing here in a human realm?

Blackwind: I killed a wolf. After that I was banished from the forest. Zephyr was banished too, right? (Zeph is struggling inside the sugar ball)

Zephyr: I wasn’t banished! I was- Shut up! It’s none of your business anyway!

Blackwind: (to Minnie) And who are you? Don’t tell me you’re the Monster Hunter!

Minnie: That’s right! And even if you are a wolf, masquerading as a monster makes you a monster in my book! (she aims her bazooka at him)

Scratch: W-Wait a minute! Don’t do anything rash, Minnie!

Minnie: TAKE THIS! SUGAR BALL! (Blackwind flinches; she fires but nothing comes out) Huh? What happened to my Sugar Ball? (remembers shooting Zeph; awkward) Oh right, I already used it!


Blackwind: HAHAHA! Things have really turned in my favor! The only one I had a problem with is incapacitated!

Scratch: Minnie, I’ll hold him off while you get Zeph out of that stuff!

Minnie: Okay! (runs over to Zeph) Don’t worry. I always carry a hot flask with me; it’s the fastest way to dissolve the Sugar Ball.

Blackwind: Hmph. I hate to admit it, but I can’t win against that freak. (he sees Scratch charging towards him) You’re not even worth my time. (he uses some kind of power to throw Scratch to off his feet and to one side, he sees Minnie taking out her hot flask) SPIRIT LEVITATION! (the flask flies out of her hand and over to Blackwind)

Minnie: W-What did he do? (he slashes the flask as it gets to him, spilling the hot water)

Zephyr: (angry) Coward. You’re just too afraid to fight me.

Blackwind: SHUT UP FREAK! (thinking) Although he is right. (Blackwind suddenly finds himself being lift into the air and then slammed down hard onto the ground; he looks over to see Scratch standing there grinning)

Scratch: How do you like that?

Blackwind: You little shit… (he picks Scratch up off the ground, starts spinning him round and round in the air and then slams him down super hard)

Zephyr: Scratch!

Blackwind: Hmph! I’m a Level 5 Spirit Wolf. My Spirit Levitation far surpasses yours.

Narrator: Woodbroke Wolves have an ancient ability known as spirit control, in which their sound, mind and body are heightened allowing them to perform supernatural feats.

Zephyr: Dammit! I’m your opponent! Leave him out of it!

Minnie: Zephyr, stop struggling, you’re only getting sucked deeper into the goop! (now only Zeph’s head, hands and feet are showing from the Sugar Ball, a little bit of the syrup gets in his mouth, he stops and tastes it, then he licks some more)

Zephyr: (happy) Wow! This is really sweet!

Minnie: Huh? (Zeph begins rapidly eating the Sugar Ball)

Zephyr: I’ve never known such a tasty weapon!

Minnie: (surprised) He’s eating the Sugar Ball? That sugar is covered in dirt, you know?

Zephyr: I don’t care, it’s still good.

Scratch: (standing up, some blood on his head) Minnie! Zeph can’t eat that whole thing on his own in time! Help him out!

Minnie: You’re kidding, right!? I can’t eat this!

Scratch: For once Zeph’s sweet tooth has come in handy!

Blackwind: It’s useless. (a large boulder is drifting over his head) I won’t let you have your way, mutt. Huh? (he looks up, the boulder comes down and he dodges just in time) Damn!

Scratch: You don’t just think of levitating your opponent’s body when fighting with Spirit Levitation, do you? That’s a really simplistic approach. (Blackwind looks ticked off; Minnie runs over to Zeph and starts helping him eat the Sugar Ball)

Minnie: AH! This is disgusting! I’m gonna make myself sick!

Zephyr: (with his mouth full) Shut up and eat! (Scratch and Blackwind charge at each other, they scratch and bite while dodging each other’s attacks)

Scratch: I don’t understand you! If you’re a Woodbroke Wolf then why are you doing this?

Blackwind: When I was banished from the forest there was no other way to survive then to choose a life of crime! And I have my younger cousin to think about!

Scratch: That doesn’t explain why you’re terrorizing this town!


Scratch: What!? (they both stop)

Blackwind: The mayor’s been paying me to frighten the villagers. There’s an election next week and the townsfolk are gonna decide whether or not to vote for him based on his handling of the situation.

Scratch: So it was all just a ploy for him to win votes!?

Minnie: Is that the whole reason why he hired me? He wanted to make it look to the town like he was taking some sort of action?

Zephyr: (angry) He thinks nothing of his people. (Blackwind levitates Scratch up and starts slamming him repeatedly onto the ground) Scratch! Stop it! STOP IT NOW!

Blackwind: I’ll break every bone in your pathetic little body! (Zeph is struggling like crazy)

Minnie: Stop struggling, Zephyr! There’s only a little more to eat!

Zephyr: (suddenly bursts out of sugar ball) STOP HURTING MY LITTLE BROTHER!!! (Minnie is sent flying back, Zeph starts charging at Blackwind, who suddenly looks scared)

Minnie: He burst out of my Sugar Ball using his claws!?

Zephyr: (lands a massive punch right in Blackwind’s face) WOLF PUNCH! (Blackwind goes flying back and crashes into the boulder) NOW DIE! (Blackwind looks up, dazed; Zeph is above him with his claws in a pose ready to strike) DEATH GRAB-

Callum: STOP!!! (everyone looks around, Callum is standing there, he runs over and stands in front of Blackwind, he’s crying) Please don’t kill my cousin! I’m begging you!

Blackwind: Callum, what are you doing here?

Minnie: Another Woodbroke Wolf? This must be the cousin he mentioned earlier.

Blackwind: (struggling to get up) Callum, go back to the cave. Don’t interfere.

Callum: Blackwind, you should just surrender and go with them peacefully.

Blackwind: (shocked) W-What!?

Callum: I’m sorry. I’m the one who called Zephyr here. (Blackwind looks shocked and betrayed) I’m sorry. I couldn’t stand by and watch you do bad things anymore. Ever since you killed that wolf you’ve begun to change. I just want my old cousin back. I knew the Zephyr Wolf was living in a town nearby so I contacted the headquarters where he worked. I’m sorry, but if you just turn yourself in, maybe someday we’ll have the chance to start over, and-

Blackwind: You traitorous little shit.

Callum: Huh? (Blackwind suddenly levitates him into the air and slams his head onto the boulder, he falls to the floor unconscious)

Blackwind: I took a human’s life today! They’re not just gonna let me off with a warning, idiot! (Zeph just stares angrily at him) I know I can’t win against you, Zephyr Wolf, but I don’t plan on going to some “human jail” either. I choose to decide my fate based on my fight with you, and if I die then so be it.

Zephyr: Your heart really has turned black! Couldn't you see how much Callum was suffering? Torn between his cousin and his pride as wolf?

Blackwind: Don't talk as if you know him, you freak! He’s my family! Prepare to fight!

Zephyr: I won’t let someone like you get the better of me, because I’m the wolf who’s destined to be leader of the Woodbroke Forest.

Blackwind: Oh yeah, I forgot that you were always spouting that crap about becoming leader of the forest someday. How laughable!

Zephyr: It’s not crap! It will happen! (looks at his hands) With these hands I’ll surpass Nightslash and become the strongest Woodbroke Wolf of all time!

Blackwind: You really are a human, after all…

Zephyr: What’s that supposed to mean?

Blackwind: Humans think they control the world. They’re selfish and think that they own everything. How typical for a human to want to take over the Woodbroke Forest and reign supreme over all the wolves. You revolt me.

Scratch: You’re wrong! Zeph doesn’t want to be leader of the forest to control it! He wants to save the forest! He-

Zephyr: It’s okay, Scratch.

Scratch: But…

Zephyr: We don’t have to explain ourselves to the likes of him. (looks determined) All you need to know is that when I’m leader of the Woodbroke Wolves I’ll be able to protect the wolves most important to me!

Blackwind: In that case, why don’t you practice what you preach!?

Zephyr: Huh? (Zeph looks over to see another boulder floating above Scratch) SCRATCH!!! (Scratch looks up and the boulder drops on him, not a sound is heard)

Blackwind: (Zeph just stares, frozen, unable to speak) How are you supposed to protect an entire pack if you can’t even protect one wolf?

Zephyr: I’LL KILL YOU!!!!! (he swings his claw round at Blackwind)

Blackwind: (closes his eyes and prepares for death) Farewell, this disgusting world. (Zeph suddenly stops, he falls to his knees, he looks like he’s in pain, Blackwind opens his eyes, surprised, Zeph is sweating and he begins to turn back into his human form)

Zephyr: Damn, what’s wrong? My stomach really hurts…

Blackwind: (grins) Haha! God must really be on my side today! (looking angrily at Zeph) Spirit Excel. (Zeph is lifted up by his neck, being chocked by Blackwind; he’s too weak to move) Goodnight, foolish human monster.

Minnie: HEY YOU! (Blackwind looks over; Minnie is standing in the distance with her bazooka aimed at him the opposite way) EAT THIS! (she’s sweating a little and looks hesitant) DEATH EXPLOSION! (she fires a blast at Blackwind, he screams as it engulfs him, Zeph is thrown to the floor, coughing, Minnie is breathing heavily; the dust settles and Blackwind is shown lying there with a huge wound and blood pouring everywhere)

Zephyr: Damn! What’s wrong with me? My stomach hurts so much! Is it that sugar stuff? (he looks over at the boulder) SCRATCH!!! (he forces his feeble body to get up and run over to the boulder; on the other side of the boulder, Scratch is crouched down on the floor with his eyes closed and his paws over his ears, he’d jumped back and dodged it just in time, he hears Zeph’s voice calling him, he gets up and runs around the boulder)

Scratch: Zeph? (they begin running towards each other)

Zephyr: (relieved) Scratch! I’m so glad you’re alive! (he suddenly looks like he’s about to barf)

Scratch: Zeph? What’s the matter? (as they reach each other, Zeph hurls all over Scratch, leaving him soaked in vomit, they stand and stare at each other for a while) …Zeph, did you just throw up on me? (long silence)

Zephyr: (looks up at the sky) Wow, the moon sure looks big tonight!

Scratch: YOU JUST TRHEW UP ON ME! I’m soaked! This is so disgusting!

Minnie: (sitting on the floor, shaking as she looks at Blackwind) I killed him… (Zeph and Scratch look round at her; Callum begins to wake up, he looks around groggily)

Callum: Blackwind? (he sees his cousin lying in a pool of his own blood; his face turns to shock and horror; he runs over to him in desperation) Blackwind! (he goes to his side)

Blackwind: (dying) I hope… you’re happy… traitor…

Callum: (Zeph, Scratch and Minnie are all gathered round watching; Callum is crying) I’m sorry but… watching what you were doing… it went against my pride as a wolf…

Blackwind: What about your loyalty to me!? After everything I’ve done for you! (tears are raining down from Callum’s eyes) This is your fault, traitor… (closes his eyes) All your… (stops breathing)

Callum: …Blackwind? (he stares at his cousin’s dead body) …no. (he puts his head to his cousin’s) This isn’t what I wanted… (the tears keep coming) …BLACKWIND!!!!!!

(scene: daybreak on the outskirts of town, Minnie is sitting on a fence, looking deep in thought, Zeph appears and walks over to her)

Zephyr: Can I sit here?

Minnie: Sure. (Zeph sits on the fence next to her)

Zephyr: …Why didn’t you use that Death Explosion attack on me when you thought I was the monster? Or the first time you tried to attack Blackwind?

Minnie: …I’ve never actually killed something before. I’ve always trapped them with my Sugar Ball and then turned them in. Today was my first time…

Zephyr: How do you feel about it?

Minnie: I don’t know… Hey, do you think it’s ever okay to take someone’s life, no matter how evil they may be?

Zephyr: Err, well… (looks up at the clouds in the sky) …You’re asking the wrong wolf…

(scene: Zeph and Scratch are pushing their motorbike out of town and onto a dirt road)

Scratch: I contacted headquarters; they’re sending some people down to arrest the mayor.

Zephyr: So I guess this town will have a new mayor next week. (Scratch is thinking)

(flashback; Zeph and Scratch are saying goodbye to Minnie)

Minnie: Huh? You’re going? Just like that?

Zephyr: Yeah, we’ve got to get back to headquarters. Why aren’t you leaving?

Minnie: I paid for three nights at the inn I’m staying at. I don’t want them to go to waste.

Zephyr: (laughs devilishly at her) Tee-hee! You’re a tightwad!

Scratch: Zeph, don’t be rude! (he looks at Minnie and can tell she’s depressed)

Zephyr: (walking away, waving) See ya! (Minnie watches them go; flashback over)

Scratch: Zeph. (Zeph looks at him) Don’t you think Minnie looked upset?

Zephyr: Of course she is. That’s to be expected.

Scratch: But she never truly wanted to be a Monster Hunter and after today she probably hates it. We can’t just leave her in that state.

Zephyr: What are you getting at, bro?

Scratch: Minnie’s dream is to be a fashion designer, right? If she came with us, she could come with us to the big city when you get transferred, and live out her dream! (gets shy and looks down) …J-Just an idea.

Zephyr: (grins) Then what are we waiting for? Let’s go get her! (Scratch’s face lights up)

(scene: Minnie is walking through the empty lobby of the inn, she walks towards her room on the ground floor, she opens the door and closes it behind her, in the corner we can see a figure sitting on the chair directly in front of the door, Minnie jumps as she sees it, she has a look of panic and fear on her face)

(scene: Zeph and Scratch are running through the town square, Scratch is lagging behind)

Zephyr: I’m so excited! The hot girl is coming with us!

Scratch: Zeph, wait for me! (a carriage passes by in front of Scratch making him loose Zeph) Rats! (Zeph charges into the inn, he runs towards her room)

Zephyr: I’m pretty sure she said it was room 3! (he pushes the door open and enters with a smiling face) Minnie! (in front of Zeph, Minnie is lying on the floor in a pool of her own blood, there are claw, bite and defense marks all over her arms and face, her face has a chilling look of fear on it and her eyes are wide open, she’s dead; Zeph stares for a while, unable to take in what he’s seeing; he suddenly runs over to the back window of her room which is wide open, he sticks his head out, on the ground below bloody paw prints have been left from the building leading up into the hills) CALLUM!!!

(scene: the room has been sealed off with police tape, Law Enforcers are inside analyzing the scene, Minnie has been covered with a white sheet, Zeph and Scratch are standing by the wall watching; the Law Enforcer next to her body turns to them)

Officer: These markings definitely indicate she was attacked by some kind of wild animal. I thought you two already caught the Wiserton monster. (they don’t say anything) What’s up with you? Did you know this girl? (they don’t say anything) Either way, you did a great job exposing the mayor; the town might want to give you a medal. (Zeph and Scratch walk out of the room and under the police tape, leaving the building; the Law Enforcer just watches them go, confused) What’s with those two?

Officer 2: Meh, they’re just weird like that. Best to leave them be.

(on the outskirts of town, Zeph climbs on his motorbike and Scratch gets in the passengers compartment, and they drive away from town)

Narrator: To this day, Zephyr and Scratch have never returned to Wiserton…

The End

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