Cryptic? Us? Never.

This month on Patreon we are releasing another song from The World Conspires. 

However, it's not just a song, it's an (almost) 7 minute long sonic experience with many twists and turns, and requires a bit of an explanation I suppose.

It has been said that Birdeatsbaby is a band of geeks (mostly by us, or other geeks). And sometimes in a song, we go all out. We push our musicianship to the limits and just go with it. This is one of those songs. 

I believe every single member of the band has put their all into it, which is why as an extra "thing" this month I am putting together a mini-documentary on the process behind this particular song, with exclusive patron-only interviews from each band member to explain their creative contribution. I will also explain as much as I can of the lyrics and the writing process.

There is so much meaning and symbolism in Birdeatsbaby's music, and there has been for many of our album concepts too. I've always enjoyed putting hidden messages and signs into our songs, not just in the music & lyrics, but the artwork too.

Our new logo is more of a "sigil" in case you hadn't noticed...

Zero Forty Three is no exception. It's a song full of mystery and symbology...



Speak to me mind, pull the creases tight

Let this water flow into

Align anarchy, Athena in me

A vision of unending symmetry

Nocturne of nine, listens and guides

For me to come in, me to come in

Flames as I rise, in my Icarus eye

I’m drawing down the moon out of the sky

Is this the shadow coming over me?

Cast out the dread

How could this happen when we only ever fuck in my head?

I didn’t mean for you to fall and are we 10 years too late?

Too late, too late, on Zero Forty Eight

And now

We’ve nowhere left to hide

Are we sick inside?

And if we don’t tell the truth

Could I love someone like you?

Is it me? 

You’re my Zero Forty Three

Speak to me love, the language of trust

Burn this distance in between our

Lives clarified in black paradise

I’ll draw you back to me in second sight

The clouds are coming over me is this the hour of death?

They’re looking back at me and I can barely draw out a breath

I’m just addicted to the chaos and all it’s side effects

Too late, too late, we’re gone without a trace

And now

We’ve got nowhere left to hide

Honey I'm sick inside

And if we don’t tell the truth

Could I love someone like you?

Is it me? 

You’re my Zero Forty Three


This is a sketch by John Coltrane, derived from the circle of fifths, a geometric musical pattern that connects the key signatures together. 

Here is the ordinary circle of fifths, which I often use as a tool for teaching song-writing.

And here it is again with a geometric pattern connecting the major chords:

In Coltrane's version, he has created a progression using tones, semi-tones and even "cents", which is in the spaces between semi-tones. What is weird  and beautiful about this particular diagram is that a pentagram appears when you connect together some of the key signatures he's selected. 

Confused? Intrigued? Then you are going to love our new song, Zero Forty Three, and the documentary that comes with it. 

I shall be releasing it before the end of the month, in parts, so stick around.

Right, I'm going back into my music cave now... I've got an album to finish. See you in a few days.

Love & Feathers,

X Mishkin X

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