Zine Announcement (and WIP)
I am currently in production of a Sailor Moon fan zine, where I re-imagine the protagonists (the Scouts + Chibi Moon & Luna) in gothic inspired fashion and beauty.

The zine will have at least 14 illustration pages: one full-body for each girl and an adjacent page of several smaller, expressive illustrations with their re-imagined design. It will also have a unique front cover image.

When it gets closer to time to begin production, I will make a 'goal' on here for those of you who wish to contribute solely to this project!

For those of you who are Patrons, you will gain access to WIPs of the zine as well as each girl's finalized body design. However, the smaller illustrations will be kept secret until the zine is released and you purchase a copy for yourself!

This will be the only public WIP. If you wish to see more progress on the zine, you MUST become a Patron.

Thank you everyone!