Zodiac Arrows (2/3)

♌️ The fletching on a Leo's arrow is made out of lion's mane. The arrows are used to protect the Leo's kingdom - it may be anything from home to a partner. Their jewels work as fuel for incendiary shots.

♍️ Virgo's perfectionism made them extremely picky about their enemies. Although their arrow seems delicate and calm on the outside it only takes one shot to kill.

♎️ Libras are the diplomat of the zodiac. Their arrow's tip resemble the pans in the scale of Justice. Just like "Justice is blind", so is its arrow's tip. It is meant to end fights; not be part of them.

♏️ Scorpio have the tail of a scorpion on their arrow's tip, which is poisonous and it kills their victim slowly. Scorpio have a natural secretiveness so they chose not to change their arrow's fletching - after piercing an enemy in battle, it's hard to tell if said arrow came from a Scorpio.