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Zodiac Forces Serial: Part 70
Warning: Depression The paddles on their bike tires threw sand up high. Dillon couldn't hide in the dunes if he tried. Alex pulled his bike into a tight turn and revved back up the hillside. He crested and half-surfed down the dune face, cutting close in front of Dillon more out of luck than skill. "Tag!" Alex carved another deep turn and scrambled his bike back the way they'd come. "Catch me if you can!" "I'll give you a head start since you're handicapped." "Ha, I'm going to beat you back to camp." "Not on your life, I was outrunning cops on a bike before your tutors taught you to walk!" Alex revved his bike, "So keep up, old man!" They darted across the desert, banking at speed around mountains of boulders. True to his word, Dillon outpaced him in the final stretch. He held up his hands in victory. Alex turned hard and sprayed him with dirt. Dillon flipped him off. They settled the bikes beside the truck and laughed at each other, covered in dust and dirt. Alex ruffled Dillon's hair and upset another cloud of grime. "You're a mess." "Look who's talking." "How does a homeless kid get a road bike to run from the police, anyway." Dillon shrugged, "Yekno. Steal a bag, lady starts screamn' nex thing the pigs have their sirens and yelln' all kinds'a shit. So maybe y' steal some bloke's bike and tail it out. Maybe ya get away with it." Dillon rubbed dirt out of his hair. "Maybe you hide the thing and ride it every chance you get because it's the only thing you've ever owned in your life. Been obsessed ever since." Alex leaned against the truck and crossed his arms. "You have it a long time?" "Couple of days. I didn't have a good hiding spot for it. Someone came by and lifted it." "Damn." "Yeah. Altered my life, though. It was the fastest thing I'd ever seen." He smiled, "Probably luck I never broke my neck. I was stupid. But there was this big abandoned lot in my area. The rich kids liked to bring their mountain bikes and the dirt bikes, dig up holes and put jumps everywhere. They had a good track going after a while. We road the crap out of that lot, it was awesome." "I'd like to see it sometime." Dillon's smile faded and he pushed off the truck. "The bulldozed it to put up high rise apartments a few years ago." Alex followed, frowning. "Not everything in life ends up crashing and burning. I promise." "I don't know, I've got a solid track record." "You're still in the Forces." "Yeah." Dillon's smile flashed again. "Only if I can figure out the reading." Alex pushed Dillon's shoulder with his own, "It takes practice. I'll find you a book." Dillon kicked a rock, "Hey I'm supposed to be cheering you up, not the other way around." Alex snorted, "Cheer me up with some dinner, I'm starving."
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