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Zodiac Forces Serial: Part 73
Warning: Depression Alex leaned his apartment door open and dropped the duffel just inside. Lance sat at the table, a pair of books and a computer in front of him. Keta sat across with her back to the door. She gripped a steaming mug. Probably tea. They both looked up as he shut the door. Keta turned in her seat. "How did it go?" "Restriction for a month." He said. Keta blew a breath out. "Could be worse." "It was a warning. There won't be any other chances." "She'll decline your sponsorship?" Lance closed his laptop. Alex nodded. "How did you know?" Keta frowned at her tea. "That seems really harsh." "That's what I would do." Lance said. "AWOL for three days, unstable, depressed, spends all his time with a violent offender. They don't need to have a no tolerance policy, all the warning flags are up." Alex had understood Kimberly's position and agreed with her verdict, but put like that he wondered if he hadn't gotten off lightly. He sighed and made for the bedroom. "Drake, come here." Lance said. "I just want to lay do--" "Come here." Alex turned mid-stride, a gut response to that hardened voice. He forced himself to stop several steps short. He stared at his shoes. What was he doing? He felt adrift. Bed didn't exactly sound appealing, but neither did sitting here and socializing. He wanted to not think for a while. Alex shot his eyes up when Lance stood in a single aggressive movement. Alex found comfort in the ready stance of tai chi. "You think you can take me, little dragon?" Alex discovered he wanted to try. "Hey." Keta startled up to her feet. "Hey, how'd this happen?" Alex saw his vision tunnel, focused on Lance's broad hands and hips. One hundred and ninety three pounds of muscle and temper. Fifty pounds over Alex and with more practice at violence then your average hockey player. Lance stepped away from the table. "Keta, you'll want to leave, now. Give us an hour." "You two can't keep doing this." Keta slammed her mug on the table. Alex heard the tea slosh. She yanked the apartment door closed behind her. Alex lunged.
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