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Zodiac Forces Serial: Part 81
Part 81 The memorial was lovely. There were words. A few tears. Alex wasn't ashamed to admit he cried. Eve was still helping him through the guilt, a flavor of survivor's guilt she called it. Alex thought maybe you had to be there to have real survivor's guilt, but he didn't think arguing the semantics of what to call it mattered too much. He sat with Lance at a picnic table at the reception. Alex still breathed through a catch in his chest and Lance, sensitive to Alex's emotional state, growled at anyone who came close. It put them both further on edge. "Have they brought out the food?" Alex asked. "I think so. Want something?" "A soda would be great. Some finger foods." As soon as Lance left, Marcus and James sat across from him. James jerked a thumb at Lance's retreating back, "Your guard dog doesn't let you play with friends anymore?" Alex scowled. "He has a name. You can use it." James put up his hands, "Whoa, just joking, man. Easy." Alex twisted his scowl away but couldn't quite bring himself to apologize. "I've been dealing with a lot of prejudice when it comes to him." "Well he's not exactly Fluffy McCoy--" "But," Marcus said with an eyeroll, "that's not why we're here. Heard you got to sit in with a Pisces group. Are you allowed to talk about it?" "No one has told me not to," He said. James leaned forward, kicking his head back to throw hair out of his eyes, "How did you get that gig? Know someone who knows someone?" Alex couldn't help but think of Keta. "I just asked." Marcus squinted at him. "No, really. I asked if I could sit in on a mission. Kimberly set it up." They glanced at each other. Marcus pressed, "Well how was it? What did they do?" "Setup for a drug raid. The Aries was there," Alex nodded at James, "with all her research, satellite feeds, she knows everything about the area and the people inside. The Pisces group listened in and Mako put toge--" Marcus grabbed Alex's arm, "You sat in with Mako? Six foot, two; braids, white beads, d-cup, and that ass-" Alex pulled away, "You know, she has a brain too." "Well, uh," Marcus backpedaled badly. "As far as I can tell the Pisces were seeing all that information for the first time. Within an hour Mako had a plan of attack and was working on several other options. Also," Alex frowned at Marcus, "Thresher could gnaw your face off with one tooth. Lodon, too, so keep your eyes above the shoulders, dude." "She works with Thresher and Lodon? Those guys are. The. Shit." Marcus leaned back, "That is just too cool. I can't believe you met them." Lance returned with sodas and a plate of options. Alex took his drink with thanks. "You know her boob size but not her operations team?" "It's a work in progress." "Well keep working on progress, cause that's sad, man." Justin waved his hand between them, "What about the Aries, who was it?" "Dall." Justin visibly wilted. "What?" "I've heard she's crazy." "She is crazy." Alex confirmed, "She's like, hyper OCD and ADHD. Super manic. She's also sharp like a razor, ambidextrous, and has a thing for high powered laser pens so don't piss her off, either." "Ambidextrous?" "Yeah, she's got this insane setup for her computers. A full keyboard that you can use with only one hand--" "Oh, I've seen those! Cool!" "No, dude, you don't get it. She's got one for each hand and she's typing two different things at once and talking to you about something else entirely. I can't even read and talk at the same time, Dall's certifiable." Lance whistled a descending note. Alex shook his head. "These guys take no shit. We have a long way to go." "Yeah, no kidding." Marcus muttered.