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Zodiac Forces Serial: Part 88
Part 88 Content warning: explicit, D/s, aftercare Lance moved him with care so he lay on the bed, a pillow under his head. Alex could only pant for air. His arms and legs didn't work. He couldn't even blink properly. Lance kissed his swollen lips. "My great little dragon." He stood. "I'll be right back." Taylor lay down beside him with patience. He slid his fingers through Alex's hair and half-laughed. "Fucking hell, Alex. Just... fuck. That is going to fuel my right hand for years." Alex wanted to smile at him, but the only thing on his docket was the next breath. His erection began to subside and even that twinge of soreness couldn't make an appointment as a wince. He swallowed and everything felt limp from lips to chest. Taylor fell silent but his hand wandered around Alex's skin, prickling and warm. Alex couldn't judge how long they lay like that, but Lance returned with sweats on and a mug in his hand. "Sit up." He said to Taylor. "Hold this." He passed the mug over and leaned into Alex. "Alright, don't fall asleep on me yet." Lance squeezed himself onto the bed between the pillow and Alex. Framed in by knees and shoulders, Alex reclined against his broad chest. Lance held the mug up. Alex tried to take a gulp but Lance barely let the liquid touch his skin. Mint tea tingled and Alex licked his lips. Little by little, Lance helped him drink, first in drops, then in small sips as Alex felt his heart settle down. His breath calmed. The tea soothed the stretch of his throat and the abuse Lance inflicted. Lance and Taylor's constant stroke of his skin kept him awake to finish the mug. When it was done Alex let his head fall into Lance's neck. He tried to speak. Air rushed out but no voice with it. He tried again but his lips moved over nothing. All along his body he felt Lance chuckle deeply. "That is how you use a blowjob." Taylor laughed, "A blowjob?" He scoffed. "That was so much more than a blowjob. The kind of trust he has in you to let go like that? To let you control even when he gets to breathe? That's some incredible shit. And you, reading him like a goddamn book. That constant check through your hands so you knew exactly what he was feeling. I don't even..." Ah, Alex wanted to say. So that's how he does it. "I wanted to fuck him. Maybe get fucked by you if you were into it. But I had no idea. The read you two have on each other is so tight. It's like magic." Something cold dripped onto Alex's stomach. He jumped; every muscle freaked out and complained. "Easy," Lance soothed him with long strokes of his hand. "What was that?" Taylor's weight wobbled the bed. Then, "Shit, Alex, you hit the fucking ceiling."
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